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Gina's Story

New Braunfels, TX

People have no clue what really happened to their loved ones because they trusted the doctors. This is what took our vibrant 64-year-old Husband, Father, & Pop away from us.

This is complete evil and genocide.

Denied Early Treatment

“He refused to treat Terry because he had not been tested for COVID..”

Terry, myself, and two of my relatives had COVID at the same time. We think Terry got COVID at Seaworld when he took our grandchildren to SeaWorld on July 24, 2021. This was the first weekend that SeaWorld was opened to full capacity and no mask required. We visited my 82-year-old Aunt & the granddaughters' Nana in Southeast Texas on July 27th, we think we brought COVID to them. On July 28th, we drove home, and Terry developed chills and high fever quickly. Both my aunt & the girl's Nana tested positive for COVID and were treated with Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine by their family doctors. They survived COVID within a week or so. We scheduled testing at Walgreens, but they canceled our appointments because they ran out of tests. I got COVID on July 30th and called MDLIVE and my symptoms were mild compared to Terry's. MDLIVE prescribed an antibiotic and cough pearls. We both contacted American Frontline Doctors on July 31st, but they were inundated with calls, so we didn't hear back from them. Terry then called MDLIVE on July 31st also and spoke with a doctor, but he refused to treat Terry because he had not been tested for COVID. He went to the Promptu Christus Clinic here in New Braunfels and got tested for Covid on Aug.3rd They wouldn't do a rapid test. He saw the Dr. and he told Terry he had an upper respiratory infection and called in meds, but he did not give him an antibiotic, just an inhaler & cough pearls. We both called Promptu Christus Clinic to ask why no antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection were not called in and they would not return our calls.

The Push For The Vent

On Aug 4th I got him meds from a Tele-med call at Sour Lake Medical Clinic in Sour Lake Texas. I gave him the meds and breathing treatments all that night alternating every 4 hours and the next morning, his oxygen stats dropped to 88. I got scared and called 911. Worst mistake ever. When the EMT's arrived, he said Terry's oxygen stats were not that low (EMT said his were 91-92) but he checked his bp and it was low, so the EMT said he needed to take him to the hospital, and we told them to take him to Resolute Hospital here in New Braunfels, Texas. He was not having any respiratory distress at this time. The only reason the EMT took him in was due to his low blood pressure. The ER Dr said he was in respiratory distress and admitted him to the hospital. I couldn't be with him because I had COVID also. So, our daughter Trisha went to be with him. Every day Terry would tell us he didn't feel that bad and the Doctors said the opposite and kept saying how sick he was and that he needed to be put on a vent. Several of his doctors told me the reason he was so sick was because he wasn't vaccinated. We felt like he was not getting proper care due to not being vaccinated. The doctors kept mentioning it and also, they kept telling us he needed to be on a vent from the very beginning of his stay there.

Denied Effective Treatments

“Some of the medications Terry was given caused the atrial fibrillation.”

It was horrible, we begged the doctors to give him Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and breathing treatments and they refused. All we heard from the Doctors is “those” went against their COVID Protocols and there was no data to prove they worked. I explained to them that we had other family members sick with COVID and their doctors prescribed them ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. They told me that they didn't know what kind of doctors my family had but they were board certified doctors. We asked the doctors why no breathing treatments were given for COVID pneumonia, and they said their hospital board didn't support it and that the aerosol from the treatments would cause harm to their hospital staff. The pulmonologist prescribed an albuterol inhaler. I asked him how Terry was going to use an inhaler with COVID pneumonia and having respiratory distress and he told me the best way he can.

He also went on to tell me that since Terry had Atrial fibrillation it was dangerous to his heart. I informed him that Terry never had atrial fibrillation and he had just seen his cardio-vascular doctor in July. Some of the medications Terry was given caused the atrial fibrillation. I found this information after reading Terry's medical records. I also told the pulmonologist that I had recently been diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation and my doctor had me taking albuterol breathing treatments and they helped me recover from COVID. He told me that my doctor needed to do more research because it simply doesn't work although he had Terry on an albuterol inhaler. There was not a time when we talked to Terry's doctors or nurses that they didn't mention that Terry needed to go on a vent. Repeatedly we told them no and they were adding extra stress on Terry by doing so.

Forced Remdesivir and Into ICU

“The night the new doctor took his case, they transferred Terry to ICU at 11pm under the 1st doctors Group orders (the group that we had fired).”

They also had Terry taking another experimental drug called Baricitinib which was marked EUA (emergency use authorization on the medication IV bag). Terry was also given a sedative and he had never ever been on one before. We tried to get him transferred to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio and they said all the hospitals were full, we tried to get him home on hospice the 2nd week and they told us he was too sick. We have a family friend who is an RN, and her husband is a Physician Assistant, and they work at a hospital in Lubbock. She is the one who informed us how bad Remdesivir is and was banned when Ebola broke out years ago and was pulled off the market because people were dying from it. She also told us that during the Delta variant, their hospital in Lubbock, Texas was not full because they were treating their patients with Ivermectin. and patients were not dying like everywhere else. She told us Remdesivir caused kidney failure and the #1 symptom is pulmonary edema. They gave him Remdesivir on his 2nd day there in the hospital and that's what killed him.

Terry has had pneumonia before, Doctors gave him antibiotics, breathing treatments, and inhalers. It's like everything the doctors did in their treatment plans was forgotten or they refused to do prior to COVID. The doctors did not even do arterial blood gasses on Terry until my daughter asked about his readings. We asked them to do another COVID test and they refused. They would not let him get out of bed. Terry would ask the doctors when he was going to get better, and they kept telling him it was going to take time. During the 2nd week of his stay, we fired this medical group. The new medical group seemed hopeful, didn't see what the 1st group was seeing as far as his condition being so grave. The new doctor gave him Ivermectin. Terry cried because he was so glad to finally have a doctor that was hopeful and willing to give him Ivermectin. However, the night the new doctor took his case, they transferred Terry to ICU at 11pm under the 1st doctors Group orders (the group that we had fired) and we couldn't get him moved out. The hospital did not notify us of this move. Our daughter called to check on her Daddy to find this information out. She rushed up there as soon as visiting hours started the next morning to find her Daddy sedated on Precedex. Precedex is indicated for sedation of non-intubated patients prior to and/or during surgical and other procedures. This should not have happened! The new doctor had no idea until she made her rounds the next day to find Terry was not in the room where she saw him last.

Corruption and Conflict of Interests

ICU doctors sedated him with Precedex the entire week he was in ICU. We never were told why the sedation was given. During this time, I was not allowed to see my husband due to having COVID myself. With Terry being in the hospital the 3rd week in ICU, I should have been allowed. Resolute Hospital's policy is one visitor the entire ICU stay and so that had to be our daughter because she had been with him since the beginning of his hospital stay. During Terry's stay, I had spoken with the Chaplin who at the time was Tonya. My conversations with her were more like an interrogation instead of a Godly conversation like most chaplains I had ever dealt with. When I spoke with her, she twisted everything I said to the point I asked if she was recording our conversation and I also informed her she was making me feel uncomfortable. We also found out that she had the title of their Infectious Control Person who we were told was a person by the name of Kenny. Yes, Kenny's name was Tonya Kenny. This person named Kenny was the one to contact us to let us know what the hospital's infectious control protocol was and when we found out only one person was allowed to stay in the ICU. It didn't matter that I was his wife and legally should have been allowed to visit. We found it odd that she contacted Terry's phone instead of mine.

Held Hostage In ICU

“Chaplain Tonya she was the one that interrogated me when we talked and how dare she call security her being the Chaplain. She told me I needed to shut up.”

Everyday Terry's condition worsened, and they would not allow me to be with him. The staff would not even let our daughter leave her Daddy's ICU room to go to the vending machine or restroom. The toilet in his room was just a free-standing toilet behind a curtain, no privacy at all. The 1st day she didn't have any drinks, snacks or food with her. The rest of the week she packed a lunch. The ICU rooms have glass doors so she could see other visitors coming and going but she was not allowed to do so. It was while Terry was in ICU that we found out he had not had a bath in the two weeks prior on the other hospital floor. Terry's night nurse bathed him while in ICU. On Aug. 26th, Terry's saturation numbers were dropping, and we rushed to the hospital to be with him. When I arrived, the nursing staff refused to let me be with my husband. They were still pushing their one-person visitor per ICU stay rule. I told them I was his wife and I had legal rights to be with him. They told me to leave, or they were calling security on me. My daughter was there watching what was transpiring. A lady walked up to me to tell me she called security and our daughter opened the glass door to tell me that was Chaplain Tonya Kenny. I told Chaplain Tonya she was the one that interrogated me when we talked and how dare she call security her being the Chaplain. She told me I needed to shut up. I was hysterical telling them that they were keeping me from my husband and that he was possibly dying. Security came and they finally decided to let my daughter and I change out, but we thought that was all during the day. No, it was just the one time. Our son had flown in from Arizona to see his dad and was not allowed to see him.

Kept Away Until Death

“Sadly, it was when he was dying that we were finally allowed to be with our loved one.”

Shortly after getting to be with Terry, he had a doctor from the new group that explained that Terry's condition was worsening and that he suggested we bring him home on hospice with oxygen. He told us his professional opinion and then He asked Terry what he wanted to do, and Terry told him he wanted to live. The Doctor told us if that was his father, he would not put him on a vent, that he would let him die with dignity and pride. He arranged for a hospice company to contact us. Later that evening the ICU doctor on duty told us that Terry would not make it home in the ambulance with hospice. At that time, the 3 of us (Our son, daughter and myself) were allowed to be with him. Sadly, it was when he was dying that we were finally allowed to be with our loved one. He died on Thursday morning at 4:05 am with us by his side. He didn't have to die, if the Dr at Promptu Christus Clinic would have given him an antibiotic and the doctors at Resolute Hospital would have treated him with the medications that saved my family and not their experimental drugs that they get kickbacks from the government for, he would have survived. I have Terry's medical records; he should have never been admitted. They were giving him insulin and we were never told about it. He was not a diabetic. I read where his A1-C was 6.0 and that was from the steroids. He received lots of units of insulin. Terry was not having respiratory distress when he left our home on the morning of Aug.5th by ambulance, they created the distress by the medications he was given. He was given 4 liters of cannula oxygen in the ER and moved straight to 40 liters of high flow oxygen and put on a bipap at night. All the while in the first two weeks, he told us he didn't feel bad, it was just his oxygen saturation wouldn't stay up. All these patients were at the mercy of all these Doctors did not have to die. If they were given Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine, they would have survived. We saw this firsthand with our family members. All these people were put straight on ventilators and not treated by the doctors in the manner they treated pneumonia patients prior to Covid. It's genocide and it's evil.

A Place of UnGodliness and Faithlessness

GOD did not want these 100s of thousands of people to die from COVID. It was all about the money. People have no clue what really happened to their loved ones because they trusted the doctors. This is what took our vibrant 64-year-old Husband, Father, & Pop away from us. It has been gut-wrenching how he was treated and how the hospital staff all treated us. I only got to see my sweet husband 3 times in the 3 weeks he was in the hospital. Three hours after my sweet husband passed at around 7:30am on the 27th, I got a call from the hospital to tell me that my loved one had not been picked up. She told me her name was Gay or Faye. I told her I didn't understand what she was saying and told her to talk to my daughter in law. While my daughter in law was talking to this person on the phone, her eyes got big. She gets off the phone and asked me who the lady told me she was, and I said she said Gay or Faye. My daughter in law said that was Chaplain Tonya Kenny and that we have thirty minutes for Pop (my sweet husband Terry) to be picked up from their hospital. We were in shock and devastated to hear this. What person of God tells a family member this? We frantically called our Pastor to see what he suggested. As far as our family is concerned, Resolute Hospital, the majority of the doctors and the chaplain were all evil people and went completely against their Hippocratic oath. Never would I wish this on anyone, what we had to endure. This is complete evil and genocide.

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