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Gail's Story

Plano, TX

Our nightmare started on December 3rd. On Dec 1st, I tested positive for Covid.

Once I was admitted and it was noted that I was “unvaxxed” they denied me the treatment I requested.

Heading to The ER

“I quickly lost the right to advocate for my own medical needs and care.”

My name is Gail Seiler. This is a short summary of what my family and I suffered at the hands of Medical City of Plano in Texas. Our nightmare started on December 3rd. On Dec 1st, I tested positive for Covid. On Dec 3rd my oxygen was so low that I had to go to the hospital. We chose Medical City of Plano because a prominent TX politician had recently received treatment for Covid there to include Ivermectin and Budesonide. Which was the Front-Line Doctors protocol that we wanted. This hospital was also only a 2-minute drive from us. So, my husband and I felt this was our best option. Once I was called back into the ER, (after an hour) my husband gave the nurses a copy of the Front-Line Doctors protocol and they agreed they would provide me with the medications on it. However, once I was admitted and it was noted that I was “unvaxxed” they denied me the treatment I requested. I quickly lost the right to advocate for my own medical needs and care.

Politicians, Doctors, and Attorneys

Denial of safe (no risk to the patient) effective treatment was the first abuse experienced at that hospital. The second was being denied my right to have my husband or daughter there with me to support me, pray with me and advocate for me per Senate Bill 572. I was told falsely that there is a loophole that allows the doctor to write an order for specific patients barring them from having any visitors for 5 days and they can renew that every 5 days. This is what I was told was the reason I could not have my family with me. I asked for my husband or my daughter to be allowed to be with me every day and every day it was denied. I was in the ER for 26 hours. I was told the hospital will not open a closed ICU until there are 5 patients in critical need. It’s not “cost-effective” for them to have a partially full ICU open regardless of patient needs. This caused a huge delay in any effective treatment, and I declined further. Once in the ICU, I suffered more abuse, neglect, and discrimination. All the while my daughter advocated for me and contacted anyone that could help us. Senator Bob Hall, Dr. Bartlett, an amazing attorney Paul Davis. And so many more people who came to our assistance. Even the politician who received the treatment I was being denied (Col Allen West) called and told them they were discriminating against me!

Terminal Diagnosis

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Seiler but you are going to die.”

On Dec 5th I had my first encounter with the doctor (Dr. Quach). I will never forget it. He walked into the room (had not examined me), patted my hand, and said, “I’m so sorry Mrs. Seiler but you are going to die.” He told me my only options were Remdesivir and a ventilator and I was still going to die. I said to him, “You are fired Doc because I didn’t come here to die. I need a real Doctor that knows what he’s doing. But since you gave me a terminal diagnosis just now, I want my Priest to be allowed to come here and I want the right to try per the right to try act that Trump signed. I want the right to try Ivermectin and Budesonide.” I got the Priest but not the treatment. Dr. Quach and many of the other doctors and nurses there admitted to me, my daughter, and my husband that they knew Budesonide every four hours would not harm me. That Ivermectin would not harm me. Some of the doctors and nurses had never heard of the Frontline Doctors and admitted they had not read any of the studies detailing the successfulness of their protocol. However, they were committed to their “feelings and beliefs” that Budesonide and Ivermectin would not work. That Remdesivir and a ventilator were my only options.

Denied Treatment

“I fired Dr. Quach every day but did not get a new doctor.”

When asked what the side effects were and what they had to monitor for Remdesivir, Dr. Quach and many of the nurses stated that it could have effects on my liver, kidney, heart, and other organ functions. This is why I declined and wanted the safer and more effective treatment of Ivermectin and Budesonide. I fired Dr. Quach every day but did not get a new doctor. I asked for a patient advocate and never received a visit from one. I asked them to provide me with a written copy of my Patient Rights and never received it. I told them I was the patient and their feelings about a protocol were not important. I had done my research and wanted my rights as a patient respected. My right to direct my care. I then asked for the right to have “At Home” medications brought in and could administer them myself or have a family member administer them. I had a prescription at home for Ivermectin and Budesonide with my name on it and could have my family bring it. I was denied the right to have my “at home medications”.

My daughter had to fight for high doses of vitamins, particularly vitamin C. A nurse told my daughter that there was a shortage of vitamin C and they were keeping it for the most critical of patients. My daughter Angela reminded them that Dr. Quach stated that I was going to die and that would suggest it was critical. Eventually, they relented and gave me some vitamin C but not at the protocol levels. My daughter set up my online account so that she could watch what they were giving me and not giving me.

More Abuse

Some other abuses and neglect I suffered: - No water for 7 days even though I was more than capable of drinking - No nutrients for the first 11 days (I finally got a banana bag per my daughter’s persistence and my husband did bring ensure but it was out my reach) - They forced me to have a catheter in the first day in the ICU because they would not allow getting up to go to the bathroom or a bedside commode. They did not clean the catheter and I did get an infection. - After a few days they started loading me up with diuretics so that I could not control my bladder or bowels. - They over-oxygenated me having me on a higher level of oxygen than I needed. That put me at risk of coding and made me almost addicted to oxygen and harder to wean off once home. - I was treated roughly and cruelly by some of the nursing staff based on their personal stance on the vaccination and treatment protocols. One night nurse (specifically) I had to text my daughter about because I was afraid of her. My daughter made sure on the 3rd night that she was never back in my room. - I was denied physical therapy and watched as my legs and feet just turned grey and become useless. When I got home, I needed a walker, and it took weeks to get my feet and legs somewhat healthy again. A month later and they are still not up to par but much better. - No mouth care for 13 days and I developed thrush and my teeth were covered in a film that took medication to clear up. - From my medical records, it appears that there are many times they aborted medications that I needed to fight pneumonia with no explanation. They did not give me medications that they said they did or promised to give. - I told them many times I was NOT a DNR. Yet my medical records state me as being a DNR. - There is a line item in my records under Immunizations that says Covid 19 with a lot number and the brand Gilead. We are researching to find out if they gave me the so-called vaccine against my will or if they gave me a round of Remdesivir that I didn’t want and mislabeled it. - General cleanliness and I received very little cleaning up and my hair was matted up so bad it took hours to get unmatted.

Getting Out

“We had doctors that are advising us if I don’t leave the hospital will kill me.”

After 13 days my husband and daughter made the bold decision to remove me from the hospital and into home hospice care so that I would have a chance to live. We contacted a company called Synergy to set up a 7-day support/care plan. This did not include people out to the home but my husband was a retired RN and my daughter was going to school to be a nurse so we thought we could make it work. The hospital made it very difficult for us to do this. They tried to deny it, block it, scare me into staying, etc. The police were called, and we stood our ground. I asked many times if I was a prisoner or a patient. My husband and daughter arrived at the hospital on Dec 15th and Thanks BE to GOD all the doors were open. My husband dropped the letter from our attorney with SB 572 attached off on the securities desk and kept walking right on into my room. He told the staff that he was not leaving without me and he wasn’t going to allow them to murder his wife. It was a very long (many hours) process to get them to allow me to leave under hospice. We were very specific that we were not going Against Medical Advice (AMA) because we had doctors that are advising us if I don’t leave the hospital will kill me.

I Was Released Through the Backdoor

Once my husband was allowed to remove me, he got me dressed, put me in the wheelchair, and hooked up the oxygen my daughter brought him. The floor manager did not lead us out the most direct/quickest way to the car. Instead, they led us the back way down many hallways and into the elevator that leads to the exit where funeral homes pick up the deceased. Despite their efforts to run me out of oxygen, my husband did get me home with very little to spare and hooked me up to a larger tank.

Once inside the house my daughter and husband worked to care for me and save my life. Dr. Bartlett (whom I thank God for) started me on the budesonide every 2 hours instead of 4 hours because I was so bad off. I was almost dead. I started on Ivermectin and a few other medications. It was a scary 72 hours getting me titrated off the Oxygen. My husband is a retired nurse, but he had to really stretch his skills because he had never done this before. No one had. I initially was going thru a large canister of oxygen per hour in addition to being on the concentrator. We only had 9 bottles, but my daughter found a respiratory company in a Patriot Group that opened after hours and provided enough to last 24 hours and then more the next day. By God’s grace, we always had just enough until I did not need the tanks anymore.

Faith Heals

Today (a month later) I am only needing 1 Liter thru the nasal cannula when I’m active or sleeping. I do NOT need the mask or the 20 liters of oxygen I was on in the beginning. Today I can tend to my needs like bathroom and showers. I can do my own laundry, make my own meals and do some other light things. I still can’t clean my house, drive or do many other things especially outside of the house because I still need to be in reach of the oxygen concentrator. But it is getting better daily and I have faith that God is going to heal me and my family completely.

Had I been given the ivermectin and budesonide at the hospital instead of them pushing only the harmful option of Remdesivir and ventilation my stay would have been very short. Instead, the doctors and the hospital administration made an early decision that I was going to die. They get a lot of money from the Cares Act if they give you Remdesivir and more if they ventilate you. That combination gives you a 12% chance to survive! But they also get more money if they can put Covid 19 on your death certificate. It’s very lucrative for them. The bonus of killing the unvaccinated is in driving up the statistics. You can’t prove a pandemic of the unvaxxed unless you can drive the death count up by killing the unvaxxed. So they denied 99% effective treatment and prolonged my suffering even when they realized I was refusing to die.

Absolute Crime

“Our legislators are allowing Dr. Fauci to force this protocol of Remdesivir and Ventilation while members of Congress who have gotten Covid were giving the Frontline Doctors protocol.”

Many people are dying in hospitals NEEDLESSLY. They are NOT dying of Covid. They are dying because of the protocol the hospitals are using. And they are not dying because they didn’t take the shot. Those that are “vaccinated” are getting it, shedding it, and spreading it at the same rate. It’s an absolute crime that many doctors and hospitals (most) will NOT use a 99% effective and safe protocol. They give budesonide to babies! What’s more disturbing is that our legislators are allowing Dr. Fauci to force this protocol of Remdesivir and Ventilation while members of Congress who have gotten Covid were giving the Frontline Doctors protocol. Why is that? They know it works but they can’t convince you to take an unsafe, completely ineffective shot if they don’t drive up deaths, Or to drag your kids off for it. I would invite everyone to call their representatives and demand they start pounding the table on this issue at the State and Federal levels. As for me and my daughter, we intend to hold these doctors accountable and if you or someone you love went thru this in north Texas we want to hear from you. I received a miracle an absolute undeserved miracle and I will not squander it. We will work to change laws, educate the masses, and hold these doctors and hospitals accountable.

Interview With Former Feds Group



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