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Dwayne's Story

Homer, Alaska

She was my everything.

Fannie Downes was raised Amish, an amazing baker, and my best friend.

No Care

“She was left at the end of the hall.”

My wife was left with limited care overnight and her lungs collapsed. They did not X-ray her until I was dressed up and in the room. The doctor did an emergency bedside fix and reinflated her lungs. They told me she would get better care 220 miles away. I drove to Anchorage and got to be with her twice at Providence in Anchorage. She was not being cared for. They had her at the end of the hall letting God sort it out. When I was called to Providence (they don't call you to dance) I was let in to see her, she had the same facial expression.... The doctor was on teleconference telling me the local hospital didn't fix the collapsed lung correctly, so they were in 5 hours trying to get her stabilized after the medivac.

The Unvaxxed Die

They tried to convince me to pull the plug. She was brain dead I'm sure. Even the pastor was not allowed in the room. I got to hold her hand and pray with her. They wouldn't let me stay so I went back to the hotel to contact family. The next day I had a conversation with the daytime Doctor. Their hackles were up when I had asked if there was anything else we could do. They wanted me back to the hospital (again not calling me to dance). They would not let me in to see her this time. I was kept out of her room after getting to be with her the night before. What had changed after 12 hours? THE STAFF! Different minds, different shifts. Finally, after begging and pleading from my niece, she had been there too long and was not infected anymore. Then let me in for her last 45 minutes of life. She was not vaxxed and received minimal care.


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