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Donna C.'s Story

Irvine, CA

She is haunted that the doctor was willing to discard her even though her vitals were good.

She “walked” into the ER with no assistance—she was not carried in on a gurney.

The Hospital

“She was 100% coherent and speaking clearly without distress.”

Prior to COVID, Pren was in the hospital diagnosed and being treated for Crohn’s Disease; she was admitted several times. Pren was discharged most recently from the hospital at the onset of the so-called COVID pandemic. Pren returned to work with a low immune system after her discharge, but she was fully functional mentally and physically. She became ill with flu-like systems, although not severe. She went to the ER for a breathing treatment and was readmitted through the ER on November 19, 2020, but this time allegedly for Covid 19.

I spoke with her the evening she was admitted when she told me she tested positive for COVID—whether or not the test was accurate is questionable; given her weakened immune system and the unreliability of the testing, she could have contracted anything. She spoke clearly and without labored breathing and told me she had to go because the doctor had just walked in. She was 100% coherent and speaking clearly without distress. She “walked” into the ER with no assistance—she was not carried in on a gurney.


Family was not permitted inside; the doctor asked her to sign a “consent” form to be sedated for possibly a day or two on a ventilator to help her rest and get stronger; allegedly her oxygen level was low. She put her trust in the doctor, having no idea what she was signing. She was put into an “induced coma”—which she was NOT told would happen. She was connected to a ventilator and later had a tracheotomy and a feeding tube inserted. She was told she would be sedated for one or possibly two days when she signed the consent.

Let Her Go

“The family DID NOT consent to “letting her go peacefully”.”

On December 15, one month later, she was STILL in an induced coma, on a ventilator and feeding tube. The doctor called the family and said there was nothing more medically they could do and encouraged them to “let her go peacefully”. Pren did NOT enter that hospital as a dying woman!!! Her cardiologist has recently reviewed her charts which shows her heart was strong on December 14 and her vitals were good—one day before the doctor approached her family to “let her go”.

The family contacted a family member in the medical field who contacted the hospital. The family DID NOT consent to “letting her go peacefully”. After six (6) weeks of being on a ventilator and feeding tube, a different doctor took over; she was slowly brought out of the induced coma. She was transferred to another facility for rehab to learn to eat and swallow again and use her motor skills which still have not returned completely.

Forever Changed

“ Her life has changed completely.”

Pren was hospitalized for approximately three (3) months; six weeks of which she had no control of her own life and her family had only communicated via FaceTime. From being on a ventilator for so long, she has developed pulmonary fibrosis. Her life has changed completely. She cannot shower; she cannot drive; cannot walk without the assistance of a walker and even then, falls down; she has an oxygen tank with her at all times; she shakes while trying to work from her laptop. She has lost who she is; forgets even the dates of her daughters’ birthdays; her teenage and young adult daughters sleep with her to make sure she is breathing. She is receiving hospital bills totaling $938,000—although I’m confident the hospital made a decent profit for putting her on a ventilator.

The reality has finally set in that her family was told to give up on her and knowing that her life was out of her control for six weeks while in a coma. She has panic attacks; she is frightened not knowing what is around the corner—will she regain her physical strength and become independent again; and she is uncertain of the prognosis for now developing pulmonary fibrosis. The doctors had told her family that some people require a lung transplant—we do not know at this time the severity of her condition. She is haunted that the doctor was willing to discard her even though her vitals were good.

Today August 6, 2022, after two procedures to remove scar tissue from her lungs, Pren still has breathing issues, a chronic cough and suffers from memory loss, lack of focus, severe depression, disorientation, nightmares, and many other physical and mental conditions. She remains traumatized, feeling lost coming out of a coma as a completely different person.

To date, we have not been able to find an attorney willing to take on her case against the malpractice of the Covid protocol.



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