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Dianne's Story

Houston, TX

This story is to let people know that there was corruption in hospitals before Covid and money is the determining factor of a patient's survival. Hospitals were primed and ready when Covid hit.

Dear God, my children and I are hurting so bad right now. Please give us the strength and faith to carry on. AMEN.

They Said He Was An Organ Donor

“We found out that his name wasn’t even on the Organ Donor list!.”

My husband Francisco J. Villa aka Jay was an organ donor but he changed his mind and deleted his registration online. The problem was the Organ Donor Association had his old document and claimed there was nothing I could do. I got my lawyer from the Right to Life Organization involved and we found out that his name wasn’t even on the Organ Donor list!!!

I even removed myself from the DMV’s registry a few months ago but I was still listed ONLINE. I deleted my organ donor registration online too, so fast but there’s no paper trail or email confirmation to prove I deleted it. So apparently if you remove yourself from the DMV’s, it’s NOT going to update Life Gift. Even if you remove yourself from Life Gift, it will not update your registry from the DMV‼️ Plus, my lawyer and legal counsel team found too many red flags with the hospital‼️‼️‼️

My husband and I are WELL AWARED of the Organ Donor Association CORRUPTION because I came across an article about a man who was supposedly brain dead in Australia. The patient can hear everything while he is actually in a coma. One day he heard his nurse and other staff talking about how they couldn’t wait to get his organs to get paid more money. Fortunately the patient woke up 2 weeks later FULLY RECOVERED and sued the hospital. When I shared this article with my husband, he said “Oh FK THAT! I’m deleting my registration online. If I ever go brain dead, promise me you won’t ever pull the plug on me, Babe. Give me a chance to come back, ok?” I answered, “Ok, I promise. You better do the same for me then! Promise??” He replied, “Ok, I promise.”

What Are You Going To Do?

“The biggest-ticket organ you can legally sell in the U.S. is your heart: They're going for a cool $1 million. Livers come in second, worth about $557,000 and kidneys fetch about $262,000 each. Widespread diabetes and heart disease is what have made these particular organs so expensive.” How much your body parts are worth. It’s happening EVERYDAY here in the USA. Innocent lives are being declared brain dead when they’re actually in a coma‼️ GOOGLE THE TRUTH! I DARE YOU: “Organ trafficking”, “Brain Dead Survivors”, or “brain dead and life support news.”

It all started with a brain aneurysm from an energy drink Jay had earlier that day and when he came home from work, he had a stroke and collapsed in front of me and our children! My husband was immediately taken to the nearby hospital but they transferred him to Kingwood. The next day he had a coil surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain, the surgeon told me everything went well and that Jay will be awake tomorrow noon. But his family went there early in the morning and the ICU doctor was claiming that my husband wasn’t waking up. I had NO IDEA they were drugging Jay up with Fentanyl and unnecessary sedatives at that time. The doctor pronounced him “brain dead” in front of his friends and his family. I couldn’t believe it. All I could think about was the promise we made not to pull the plug.

“What are you going to do?” The ICU doctor asked me. I’ve decided to keep Jay on life support to give him more time to heal and to transfer him to a traumatic brain injury facility AFTER I WITNESSED HIM CRYING but the hospital wouldn’t approve the transfer due to their policy.

Ready For The Fight

“ I can’t believe the hospital let my husband starve for 5 days!”

I’ve been up since 4AM this morning because every second counts and my husband’s life is depending on it. I was doing more research of course since the Organ Donor Association’s specialist was trying to feed me bs about “There’s a difference between coma and brain dead. In a coma, there is brain’s activity but in brain dead people, there’s no blood flow!”

Well, I simply GOOGLED because it’s free information online. When there is NO blood flow to a major part of the brain stem or loss of blood accompanied with swelling, COMA can occur. After I had done enough research, I was about to take a 3 hours nap but my lawyer asked me to do something for her because she and her legal counsel team are working on their days off to help me fight this case to save Francisco Villa. I can’t tell you what it is because it’s like a game of poker and the one with the winning cards will be deciding on what to do with MY soulmate! So instead of getting some much needed sleep, I knew I had to act fast and I still have a fever since yesterday. I told myself I can rest when my husband is safe.

Our 5 years old Kristy was practicing all day saying, “Daddy, wake up!” She couldn’t wait to wake up her precious daddy later today. I can’t believe the hospital let my husband starve for 5 days! They were keeping him weak!!! I found out about it and requested nutrients. So everything was fine when I was with my husband all day. Fortunately, he was improving so much on Day 5 since he was FINALLY getting his nutrition. Temperature and blood pressure was normal all day. His brain swelling immediately stopped too‼️ I requested for his bed to reposition in order to prevent blood clots and bedsore, (which is dangerous and can happen if your body doesn’t move.)

Things Were Good Until I Left

“Someone needs to be there 24/7!!! Do not leave them alone.”

I had a million things to do in such a small amount of time so I told my husband about the big fight tomorrow. I told him how he has so much family and friends who care about him. I was basically talking and singing to him, trying to give him some comfort. Anyway, his brother and I continued to help Francisco exercise his arms until he noticed my husband was crying! I took a video of him and continued to massage his arm and hand. I held his hand for a while before I finally tried to pull away but I couldn’t. My husband was holding his grip onto my hand!!! I was shocked and realized what was happening. I kissed his hand, held it against my face, and reassured him, “Everything’s going to be ok, Babe. I got you!” He finally softened his grip and let go.

His brother was shocked too and we tried to get a video of it but Francisco couldn’t do it again. “It’s ok, Babe. We’ll keep working on it.” Later on as God as my witness, I saw more teardrops from my husband’s eye again. I finally left the hospital to get ready for the protest tomorrow just in case and bought over 20 posters and some art stuff. My daughters and I were very excited about designing all the protest posters for my husband and we couldn’t wait for the big fight tomorrow for his life!

But as we got home, the nurse called me to let me know that Francisco’s blood pressure was dangerously low. I was like WTF? When your loved ones are on life support, someone needs to be there 24/7!!! Do not leave them alone.

I rushed back to the hospital to find the staff working on my husband. He was off the life support so I asked them why and the nurse explained to me that this was a better way for him to get oxygen. I was absolutely in shock and helpless. I asked permission if our daughter Kristy could tell her daddy to wake up and they said it was fine. I honestly thought Kristy could bring her dad back to life but she got scared and left. So I watched the medical team give my husband a lot of medicine to help him and they kept performing CPR and shocked him once. His pulse and blood pressure was coming back and Francisco was fighting so hard to come back!!!

Wake Up Babe

For an hour, I was trying to help him wake up and I kept offering him words of encouragement “Wake up, Babe. Stay with me, don’t go. Think about Kristy, Eva, Valerie, Veronica, and me. Keep fighting! Don’t go to sleep!” I was doing everything I could. I shook him and kept screaming for my soulmate to wake up. I held his right hand and again, he had a strong grip! “Baby, I could feel you holding my hand! Keep holding on to my hand and don’t let go! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! Your blood pressure and pulse is back!!”

Francisco was fighting for his life with all he had!!! His pulse kept coming back and they would keep resuscitating him. I was begging my husband, “Please don’t leave me, Babe! You’re too young to go. You JUST turned 30! It’s not your time to go. Ask God for a second chance! You know I can’t do it without you, Babe! Our girls need you!” After 1 longest hour of trying to revive him, the medical team was calling it quits because his heart gave out again. One of the staff, the lead nurse, notified me that they were maxed out on all the medicine they could give him. I begged her to shock him again but she refused and they turned off the monitor so that I couldn’t see his vitals sign. I begged them to turn it back on to give me peace of mind but they refused! I was screaming at the lead nurse and I kept performing CPR on my husband for half an hour because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life asking, “What if?”

His family and the medical staff tried to get me off him but I told everyone, “GET THE FK OFF ME!!” The medical staff continued to lecture me, “You are violating his (Jay’s) rights and you are upsetting everyone.” The hospital called security on me and threatened to have me arrested but IDGAF. I just lost the love of my life!!! The nurse finally turned the monitor back on and I saw all the lines were flat except one. It was a red line and it was active! “There. What is that?!” I’ve asked. The nurse explained, “That’s because you’re moving him!” I calmed down and asked everyone to leave the room so that I could have my last moment with Jay.

I knew that once my husband was dead then his mind would fast forward all his memories from beginning to his first memory all the way to his last memory for minutes so he could still hear me before his spirit left his body. Everyone respected my wish and cleared out. I held Francisco’s hand and I told him, “I’m so sorry, Babe. I tried! They won’t let me! I tried It’s ok, don’t worry about me and the girls. We’ll be just fine. I promise I’ll stay strong for you and our children. Wait for me, ok Babe? God made you perfect for me. Why did He have to take you away from me?!

I’ll see you in Heaven or the next life because you always find me. I love you.” I lay down with my soulmate and held him one last time while singing our songs:

“Something Worth Leaving Behind” by Lee Ann Womack

“Dancing with a Stranger”

“Hate That I Love You”

“Eyes on Me” by Faye Wong

My Love Taken

“I wish I could hold you more.”

I’ve made my peace with the Love of my Life and I thank God for allowing me to meet such an AMAZING man and a great father to our beautiful babies. The hospital did NOT respect my husband’s Catholic religion: There was no priest to perform the Catholic Ritual at the time of death. I’m so torn from this. When I went back to my children at the waiting area, Kristy was crying and repeatedly saying, “Wake up, Daddy!” Her daddy absolutely loved singing “Remember Me” from the Movie “Coco” to our children and it comforts them now after he’s gone.

I still remember the last night I held my husband last Monday before all of this went downhill. He was sleeping alone in our bedroom so I went to hold Francisco in my arms and I was thinking, “I wish I could hold you more.” But I couldn’t because I was still breastfeeding our youngest baby all night in the living room and I didn’t want to disturb Francisco while he rested.

Dear God, my children and I are hurting so bad right now. Please give us the strength and faith to carry on. AMEN. Francisco Javier Villa Rocha, gone too soon September 17, 1989 - September 29, 2019. Francisco Villa is survived by his wife Dianne Nguyen and 4 children: Veronica (age 11), Kristy, (age 4), Eva (age 2), and Valerie (age 11 months.)

Please share this true story to raise awareness for Medical Malpractice, COMA vs Brain Dead, Organ Donor Association CORRUPTION, High Blood Pressure, and the Dangers of High Caffeinated Drinks.

Corruption In The Hospitals

I’m letting you all know how shady some Organ Donor Associations and hospitals are because they’re taking innocent lives by claiming all the people in Coma are brain dead when they’re showing SIGNS OF LIFE‼️ You may donate your organs but put it on your will instead and give power to attorney or your family instead of to the shady hospital or Organ Donor Association. Some organizations are doing it the right way while others are being greedy and killing innocent people.

Here is another harsh truth for debate: Doctors do not give any anesthesia when they harvest organs and apparently people have woken up during the procedure! On the chance that your loved one is still in there to not even have anesthesia is a nightmare to contemplate‼️

I’m telling ya right now that if I randomly died then you all will know that my death is connected to the Organ Donor Association and the corrupted Hospital. These bastards are so damn greedy and they deserve hell.

Life Gift is part of the corruption too! After my husband deleted his Organ Donor Registration online, my lawyer from Right to Life and I could not find his name on the registry. When we brought it up to the director and hospital lawyer, they went to get his registration activated again! I went back to double check the registry later and sure enough, his name was put back on there. Don’t believe me? Try doing it yourself. Go delete your registration and ask Life Gift for an updated document. Don’t tell them you deleted it. You’re welcome.

Get organ donor OFF your license at the DMV and make sure you write a will to clarify you’re not an organ donor or give that rights to your family or power of attorney. Get it notarized and make copies for your family!

In Texas, we have a red heart to indicate organ donor on our license but we can remove the organ donor registration online anytime and it will not update the record in DMV. Because I removed myself from the DMV just a few months ago, my registration still existed in the Organ Donor registry and Life Gift!!!

Note to evil Doctors and Nurses only:

If you are offended by my story and want to talk nonsense then if the shoes fit, LACE IT UP AND WEAR IT...


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