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Diane M.'s Story

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital killed my son Chris with their protocols to meet Federal money requirements with Sub-Standard and pure negligent care.

Chris should never have been given Remdesivir not even one dose

The Hospital Admission

“Chris did not want to go to the hospital, and I did not want him to but we were told he needed more oxygen.”

Our son Christopher D. Martin left for a business trip to Dallas Texas at the first of the year, within a few days he began to feel what he thought was a cold. When he began to have worse symptoms he decided to leave early. Driving to New Orleans stopping at a friend's home they tried going to a walk-in clinic only to find lines of 100 plus people in line trying to get Covid test, this was the time the Media was hyping up the Omicron variant and the lack of test available. Chris decided to just come back to Florida and see his doctor. By the time he made it back to Tallahassee he was getting very sick that is how we ended up in the ER at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. They put him on oxygen and took blood for testing. After hours of waiting Dr. Wheeler came in and told Chris that he tested positive for Covid also he asked Chris if he had been having any kidney problems? Chris told him no, Dr. Wheeler stated it could be something starting that he would not have been aware of. Then he said Chris needed to be admitted to the hospital because he had pneumonia. Chris did not want to go to the hospital and I did not want him to but we were told he needed more oxygen then he could get at home.

This was the beginning of our nightmare. The first few days Chris was not doing too bad, he was answering emails on his laptop until they told him he had to stop that he needed to rest. When I called and spoke to his nurse, I asked what they were treating him with she told me steroids, antibodies and they had given him Remdesivir. I asked why would they give him Remdesivir? The ER had seen kidney problems and the side effects of this drug was kidney failure. I was told that they only gave him one dose. Within a few days Chris's kidneys worsened as did his breathing Chris ended up in the ICU and on dialysis. I would call to check on Chris. I kept getting the story that he was pulling off his mask. Then I was being told they had to restrain Chris because his oxygen levels were falling with the mask off. Never did they explain to me the hospital protocol for restraining a patient. After several times of the nurses telling me about his pulling off his mask and restraining Chris, I explained to them that Chris had been a New Orleans Police detective for over a decade he had some PTSD from the job. Also Chris was active duty all during Hurricane Katrina. When the doctor called to give me Chris's update I told him about the PTSD he stated that made sense. Then they started using the mittens on him rather than tying down his hands they also changed him over to HI-FLO oxygen to see if he could tolerate it, That helped some and he was improving but was still pulling on the mask mainly at night. They were giving him something to help calm him but they kept telling me Chris seemed to be confused and saying strange things. When I explained some of the things, he said about oxygen that he had been a Scuba instructor and used oxygen, then they would understand what he was saying. Never did they ask for any personal medical history or get to have any idea of the person they were treating. Chris did get better and was beating Covid and his oxygen levels were coming down. Dr. Akhavna called with Chris's update that he was improving and was a good candidate for Special Rehab that focused on patients that were on oxygen and or dialysis. In just a few days Chris was released from ICU to Covid floor.

He Was Doing Better

Chris was doing very well when he went to the 5th floor. He was taken off of isolation so we could go visit him one person once a day. My husband and I alternated the days at first. Then the big problems started. The patients were assigned a nurse daily. A male nurse named Alex was extremely rude. I was going to visit Chris. He stopped me and said I could not go in because Chris was in isolation. I explained to him he was not. I had been in to see him before Alex told me to stand right there he would check. Alex came back and did not apologize but started by telling me he had Chris restrained because he had pulled his mask off and Chris kept yelling out again. I told him about Chris's PTSD but it was ignored. I just got complaints about him taking off his oxygen and yelling out. Either he did not care or knew nothing about PTSD. When I was able to go into the room Chris could not get to the nurses call button with his hands tied down that was why he was yelling nurse, nurse. It was the only way he had to get their attention for a bedpan or any other need. Chris asked Alex to remove the restraints he refused. I asked him again and he said he could not but he would check with the head nurse. That was at 11:30 Alex never came back into Chris's room the whole day I was there till 4:30 Alex the nurse assigned to my son for the day nor any nurse came into Chris's room for those 5 hours I was there. Twice I went to the nurse’s station to ask Alex a question he saw me turned his back to me and walked away. Chris was doing so well for the next few days getting back to old self and his breathing kept getting better.

Change of Staff

“Chris had a nurse assigned to him named Regina, all she did was complain.”

Then on Sunday I received a call from Doctor Heemanshi Shah telling me she was Chris's doctor. I asked her why the change of doctors and her answer was "We can’t work 24/7” I told her I understood that. She went on to contradict everything Doctor Akhavna had told me about how Chris was doing. She stated he had been in the hospital for 20 days and still had pneumonia, that he was ABSOLUTELY not a candidate for the special rehab she was as negative as she could have been. When I went in to visit Chris again after the business with nurse Alex, I decided I needed to stay with Chris every day for as long as I could. I started spending at least 6 hours or more each day with him and the experience with nurses kept getting worse.

Chris had a nurse assigned to him named Regina, all she did was complain about his pulling off his mask and yelling out. Again I explained about his PTSD or totally ignorant about PTSD. They were keeping his hands tied to the bedrails and he could not ever reach the nurses call button. This whole time I was never told the hospital's protocol on restraints and they would not take off the restraints or use the mittens as the ICU did. Chris had a port in his right leg for dialysis he kept complaining to the extent of saying " Oh My God Oh My God my leg hurts” I talked to the nurses and asked them to check and do something for his leg but again just like the PTSD it was completely ignored. I would massage his legs every day to try to help him. At no time did they have any support stockings or leg pumps on his legs. Chris was bed ridden and in the hospital for over 21 days but nothing to help avoid blood clots which Covid is known to cause. This nurse Regina was called to help Chris use the bedpan they sent down a very small aid to help, Regina's comment she was not going to hurt her back. She then stated that the sheets had blood on them from putting in his port and needed to change the sheets so just go in the bed.

Regina then proceeded to leave the room and not come back. Chris did go in the bed by no choice. I had to look for a nurse to change the bed after Regina had not come back after 15 minutes. I found two respiratory nurses coming to check his oxygen. I asked them to please clean Chris and the bedding. They were not pleased and asked who told him to do that, I explained it was his nurse Regina. It took them over 30 minutes to clean Chris and his bedding. This delayed Chris's dialysis until after 6:00 p.m. when he did go, they could not do dialysis because his Blood pressure was so low. They had moved his dialysis port that morning then he had to endure the neglect of his assigned nurse Regina. Chris started to not do as well as he had been, I left messages for Dr. Shah called me or come to see me when I was in Chris's room. I did not hear from her.

No Care For Their Patients

“Nurses came in to check on patients only once every 3-1/2 hours.”

Chris was not being given food either, the whole time in ICU he was on HI-Flo oxygen, and it interfered with swallowing. After he was in the regular room for 6 days they had him on a No Food because of a test 3 different days. When he did get food I would feed him because they were keeping his hands tied which required that nurses had to feed him and a few others did not. Chris started getting weaker. All this time that Chris was in the regular Covid room off isolation his room was only cleaned once in five days. The large trash can in the room was so full the lid would not close. There was never any clean wash cloths or towels in the room and the bathroom had dirty bedding on the floor in the corner, there were three dirty bedpans in the bathroom and that trash can was overflowing too. It was also being used like a storage closet. It looked like something you would expect in a third world country not sanitary at all. See the pictures I took of Chris’s room on the 5th floor of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital not cleaned but twice in 10 days. Totally unacceptable!

Nurses came in to check on patients only once every 3-1/2 hours. I watched to see if it was just Chris because he was over Covid but no the Isolated Covid rooms with doors closed were only being checked on every 3-1/2 hours as well. Covid is supposed to be such an aggressive bad virus but patients are getting very substandard treatment to negligent treatment. These are patients on oxygen the alarms would be going off for long periods of time AND NO ONE COMING TO CHECK ON THEM! Again Protocols not in the patients best care.

Thursday as I was going to Chris's room a doctor was coming out, he told me he was one of the kidney specialist that he was going to remove the port from Chris's leg because he was scheduled to be released and go to the Special Rehab on Monday and the port in the leg was dangerous it needed to be a permanent port in the chest for rehab. This is what Doctor Akhavan had explained to me but Doctor Shah totally contradicted it just that Sunday. When I spoke with his nurse at about 10:15 a.m. I was told Chris's vitals were good but his potassium level was high, they had an order in for medicine to lower it. That afternoon when the OR nurses came to get Chris they asked his nurse about getting the medicine to lower his potassium she told the "No the pharmacy never sent the medicine over " this was at 3:30 P.M. I asked the nurses to have the doctor call me after the operation. The nurse said the doctor would call and he took my phone number, I never received a phone call. At 10:00 p.m. I called the nurses station to speak with Chris's night nurse. I was told she was in another room and would return my call. No call ever came again this was common, it was very difficult to get a doctor or a nurse to return calls to answer any questions or concerns. But I did get the calls when they needed my approval for a procedure.

Negligence and Malpractice

On Friday morning I went to Chris's room. He was in a gown with no sheet or blankets over him. He did not look good at all he looked the worst ever since going in to the hospital. His

nurse that day was Nurse Gracie when I asked her if Chris had received the medicine, he needed for the high potassium she said "I do not know " Chris was running a 100.1 fever Nurse Gracie gave him two Tylenol tablets for the fever. Later another nurse came by and checked in on Chris. I told her he did not seem to be doing very well and had a fever and was sweating. I kept wiping his forehead. She said his vitals were good but was his pulse rate always so high? I asked how high it was. She said 189 I told her that was way too high. She said it must be the machine and moved the connector from his finger to his ear then it came down. I had a RN ask me if a pulse rate of 189 was normal, I am not a nurse but I knew that was not good. Later at about 2:15 Chris needed to use the bedpan I called the nurses station to call again when I saw Chris's face going pale I started screaming for the nurses for help. Chris had a BLOOD CLOT. I lost my son because Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee, Fl is giving sub-standard care to Covid patients. They are only doing the bare minimum Federal Treatment and will only give Remdesivir even though it was stopped being used for Ebola because it had a 53.5% death rate with the patients. Even though my son showed signs of possible kidney problems when in the ER but they still gave him one dose. Was it a mistake or was it for the $3200.00 they receive from the Biden administration they get for each dose of Remdesivir? I will not know because that same Biden Administration is protecting Hospitals from being sued as well as paying them billions to treat Covid patients all with the same protocols no matter the patient's medical history it definitely does not matter to them who they kill. Our son was the only Covid patient on his floor not Isolated. I was able to witness the neglect and sub-standard care the Covid patients were receiving.

After my son passed Doctor Shah came into his room, standing at the foot of his bed she SAID AND I QUOTE “WHAT HAPPENED I SAW CHRIS THIS MORNING HE WAS DOING SO WELL” I will never forget her words. After Dr. Shah took over as my Son's doctor everything the other doctors had done for him was wasted from her lack of caring about her patient. She showed absolutely no concern for Chris from her phone call that Sunday morning to not returning phone calls. I called the hospital after my son's passing and left a message for Dr. Shah to call me, but again I never received a return call.

Why Does This Continue?

“I will continue to fight because the CDC and people like Dr. Fauci are murdering people for money and power.”

Hundreds of thousands of patients like my son should never have died if these Federal Protocols that were unproven by science were never implanted and used for Hospitals to receive extra Federal dollars by the Biden Administration. I will continue to fight because the CDC and people like Dr. Fauci are murdering people for money and power. This is not being done for the patient’s health.

I have also learned since Chris's death that Florida has a law on restraining patients in the hospital. It is Title XXIX Florida statue 400.9979 Tallahassee Memorial broke that law. For their convenience they kept Chris restrained for 6 days straight against his and my asking them to stop. He was deliberately kept from being able to use the nurses call button so they could ignore his needs and not have to respond them. I even found it on the floor behind his bed to where I could not even reach it on several occasions.

Chris should never have been given Remdesivir not even one dose. the ER had in his charts test showed something going on with his kidneys, one dose and the kidneys got worse in just a few days to needing to be on dialysis. This, with the extremely poor sub-standard treatment after getting out of ICU, killed my son.



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