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Dayna's Story

Longwood, FL

These are not just patients but human beings who are irreplaceable family members.

This was My Mother. My children’s Grandmother.

The ER

“ I told my mother to decline Remdesivir due to poor case study findings.”

My mother Rebecca Stevens was admitted to Advent Health Hospital in Altamonte Springs, Fl on September 27th, 2021. The few days that lead to her being admitted to the hospital were symptoms that presented as a COPD flare-up. Once my mother was admitted, she tested positive for SARS-19. After studying medications that are on the hospital protocol list, even before my mother was admitted to the hospital (I am a nursing student/ have many years in the medical field) I told my mother to decline Remdesivir due to poor case study findings, showing that 30% of hospitalized Covid patients die from renal failure with this medication.

Horrendous Treatment

After my mother declined this medication, my mother was left to suffer for five days with a 2L O2 machine, my mother used a 3L machine at home for COPD flare-ups at night. My mother begged, pleaded for more oxygen only to be ignored. They told her that her O2 levels were “fine” as they were dropping into the mid-80s. My mother was hung up on when using the call button for the nurse's station, laughed at, and yelled at. I was defenseless as my mother was left to suffer. Finally, after 5 days of suffering, they provided her with a 3L O2 machine but gave my mother the wrong tubing! She continued to suffer from low oxygen for two more days until she started having chest pain. Respiratory came in to do a blood gas test which showed that my mother only had 51% O2 in her bloodstream. At that point, my mother was in critical condition. After begging and struggling for 5-6 days my mother was in critical condition and moved to ICU. The horrendous treatment didn’t stop there.


The agenda for my mother's treatment was never ways to save her but only how quickly we could start “the end of life process.”

As soon as she was moved to ICU I felt bullied and was relentlessly pushed into palliative care. Even though I felt more could be done to save my mother. While in ICU, my mother was given strong narcotics to suppress her respiratory symptom. I was lied to by doctors that would only speak with me over the phone after weeks of begging to speak to a doctor. The agenda for my mother's treatment was never ways to save her but only how quickly we could start “the end of life process.” The agony and torture were only transferred to ICU with making my mother wait hours for medication and breathing treatments, the hospital had caused such severe pneumonia and it seemed they wanted to end the agony that they had caused by forcing us into hospice. I first spoke with Hospice of the comfort and found out my only options were to do general inpatient care, which they only did at the Rollins Advent Health in downtown Orlando. My request was to let her come home but was told that she was too critical to move. I then met with a representative from Hospice VITAS where I was told that we did not have any other options other than general in-patient care that would be facilitated in the ICU room that she was already in. I was again told that she was too critical to move. Thinking back now, if I had decided to choose Hospice of the comfort, they were willing to move her to The other Advent Health for GIP but she was too critical to move to Hospice of the comfort on Montgomery Rd., where I wanted her to live her final days. I chose the only choice I was given for my mother which was GIP in the ICU room that she had been in for 10 days. I was told that “the end of life process “ would entail my mother passing naturally and would not suffer. I have witnessed this process with my father-in-law and knew what to expect. I was told that my mother would be discharged from Advent Health and then re-admitted by Hospice Vitas.

A Few More Days

My mother was terrified and wanted a few more days to spend with her family, to see her grandchildren, even just through FaceTime. The representative that came to speak with my mother, myself, and my sister stormed out of the room after finding out that my mother would not be signing on that specific day. She wanted a few more days. At this point, we did not trust Advent Health or anyone associated with them. It was evident this representative was angry that my mother would not sign that day but agreed to sign two days later when she was ready to start “the process” we were told that there would be a Hospice Doctor, a Hospice nurse, and an RN who worked for Advent.

The Last Day

When the horrific day approached, there was only an RN that was an Advent Health employee. My sister and I sat in the room for hours as my mom rested. She was comfortable and napping. The nurse asked if “we were ready?” She came in with vials of Diladid, Ativan, and Morphine (cocktails) I was confused as to what was unfolding in front of me. I wanted my mother to know I was there so I held my mother’s hand, my sister held her other hand. My mother slowly opened her eyes and realized what was happening. I will NEVER forget the look on my mother’s face as she shook her head no and the terror in her eyes! The nurse emptied vial after vial into her IV. My sister and I watched as my mother was overdosed on powerful narcotics and then as her oxygen was taken away. We sat holding her hand for an hour and a half as she struggled to breathe and untimely took her last breath at 3:58 10/22/21. This was not an “end of life process “ this was MURDER! I have screenshots from conversations between my mother and me from her entire stay at the hospital, video, and her medical records. I have requested that the hospital do an investigation and have not heard back which I assumed would be the case. I have found hundreds of families with the same exact story. Hospitals have complete immunity and patients are suffering from this decision! This is not right and unacceptably inhuman! These are not just patients but human beings that are irreplaceable family members! This was My Mother!! My children’s Grandmother!! Please help humanity! I have video, photos, and many other forms of proof, I need to turn everything into pdf so I can upload it. Thank you #CovidCoverUp



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