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Cristina's Story

Jacksonville, FL

My husband was an amazing father to our 5 children, the other half of myself.

Why wouldn’t they let me in there while he was alive?

Covid Test

“….part of a statistic to fatten the pockets of the greedy.”

My story is actually a horrible nightmare that began on July 21, 2021, the day that Austin was admitted to the hospital with a partially collapsed lung. The lung was successfully reopened in the ER, but after a positive COVID test, he was admitted for some reason. I was made to believe that the tube had to be removed at that hospital, but the pulmonologist and the daily doctor had other plans. They had plans to make my husband, an amazing father to our 5 children, the other half of myself, part of a statistic to fatten the pockets of the greedy healthcare system.


Austin showed numerous signs of secondary infection while waiting around to have his chest tubes removed. I begged several times for him to be placed on antibiotics but was rejected every time. I was never allowed to go into the hospital the entire 2 weeks that he was there. His white cell count was high, he was having discolored mucus when he coughed, he couldn’t catch his breath as easily as the day before, he had a fever after not having one for several days.

They refused a 40-year-old healthy man, refused, refused. Until they finally did a 3-day culture on his blood the day before he died. They still refused to put him on preventative antibiotics. Even though he still had the chest tubes with unchanged bandages. Even though he showed all signs of secondary infection, antibiotics were again refused. On August 3rd, I was waiting for a call to let me know that they were putting him on antibiotics but instead was met with a doctor on the other line letting me know that Austin had to be emergency ventilated without my consent. A man who was just joking with his wife an hour before this emergency procedure through text messages.

No Call

“Why didn’t they call me and tell me?”

I was not in that room and will never know if he really gave them consent. The following day, 24 hours and 24 minutes later after being put on the ventilator, he was dead from cardiac arrest. I happened to call the hospital to get an update and found out when I called that he was going into cardiac arrest and was dying. The hospital did not even call me to tell me he was going into cardiac arrest! The chaplain was already in the room and knew what was happening before I was even informed what was happening with my husband.

Why didn’t they call me and tell me he had gone into cardiac arrest and was dying? And guess what happened next? They finally let me in the room where he died, which was the same room he was assigned, with no negative Covid test, so I could say goodbye to his body. Why wouldn’t they let me in there while he was alive? Because they are hiding things. Please help us get justice for our spouses.

Interview with FomerFeds Group

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So sorry for your loss Christina, as I'm reading your testimony I can not wrap my head around why they wouldn't let you see him sooner, and the nerve to not let you know when he went into a cardiac arrest. These power hungry doctors and hospitals makes no sense, besides drugging patients up so they can make the decisions for them. Hang in there we're going to fight this!


Jessica Cegelski
Jessica Cegelski
Jan 25, 2022

Hi Cristina,

As I start to read and, in my mind, I hear the words, “my husband was…” breaks my heart. It hurts to hear the word, “was” because what happened to your husband shouldn’t have happened. I am so sorry for your loss, and I will continue to pray for you and your family, and for JUSTICE!

I cannot wrap my head around not being next to our loved ones when they die, their last moments. The system we have and people that allow these nefarious protocols will see judgment day.


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