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Catherine's Story

Canal Fulton, OH

My husband didn't have to die, but the hospital murdered him.

My husband is my best friend, The love of my life whom I was married to for 28years.

Going to The ER

"We were told to get my Husband to the hospital ASAP"

My husband started having symptoms on Friday the 10th of December. My symptoms started on Sunday the 12th of December. We both were very sick. I got over mine by Thursday the 16th but my husband was not doing well. We checked his oxygen on the 17th of December and it was at 80 so we were informed to get him to the hospital ASAP.

I dropped my husband off at one of the smaller hospitals and I was told to leave. They tested him and it was positive so the ambulances took him to Aultman Main. I was not allowed in the Covid ward. They started him on Dexamethasone which I found out later prevents the body from shedding the virus. He continued to get worse.

The Hospital

"The nurse stated they had given my husband Remdesivir the day before, which was a Sunday. That is when his kidneys started failing."

Before the hospital stay my husband and I talked 5 times a day when he had to travel. Now my husband was barely responding to my phone calls. I was in contact with the nurses continuously. I did not find out that they gave my husband Remdesivir until that Monday when the nurse stated they had given my husband Remdesivir the day before which was a

Sunday. That is when his kidneys started failing. I had stated for them to stop the poison (Remdesivir) and they told me my husband still had the say so. I tried to call, text, and leave voice messages to my husband to not take this anymore, but he continued to get worse.

Our son, who is in the Coast Guard and flew home on Tuesday because things were not looking good. We were told that his heart rate was off the charts and by Wednesday the 22nd we were informed that if he did not get ventilated he would die from heart failure. It was a damned if you do or damned if you don’t kinda moment. The doctor informed me that more people were coming off the vent so we made the hard choice. My son called and asked if he could come to visit his father. He even explained to them that he had to get vaccinated due to being in the service. He also told them that he had not seen his stepdad in 6 months and he would even put a hazmat suit on if needed. They refused to allow him to see his father.

Kept Away

A doctor called me from the ICU and asked why the Remdesivir was stopped? I told him that I knew it caused the lungs to fill and that it caused renal damage and obviously my husband had asked them to stop the Remdesivir. This is what bothers me, he told me that it was the only FDA-approved medicine and that it probably wouldn’t work now because it is to be administered within the first five days of symptoms. My question is, Why did they give this to him on the 10th day?

We were able to see my husband virtually when he was in the ICU. It was horrible to see him hooked up to all of those machines. I was barely able to move because of the depression of not being by my husband's side. My husband is my best friend, The love of my life whom I was married to for 28years.

Saying Goodbye

“The moment that they removed the life support my husband died instantly.”

He continued to worsen and we were asked about whether to resuscitate him if he died. On Monday the 27th we were informed that my youngest son and I could come to visit him because he was basically dying. We left immediately. We made it to the hospital by 10:00 a.m., suited up, and were horrified at my husband's condition. He was on his stomach and was on continuous dialysis. He was on 4 different blood pressures and all kinds of other things. We were informed that the only thing keeping him alive was the blood pressure meds and no one came back from the condition my husband was in.

We called our priest to give him last rights and the priest made it up to the hospital around 5:30. We chose to stop all life support. The moment that they removed the life support my husband died instantly. My son and I both lost our best friend that day. Our older son did not want to see his stepdad like that and was devastated. The granddaughter that my husband and I had raised since she was 2 and is now 12 and lost her Best friend also.

They Murder

The hospital murdered my husband. I wrote them and told them so. They wrote back with a bunch of lies. I was given a nurse's name who worked at the same hospital at one time and a doctor's office who had been documenting the deaths of patients due to the protocols. She had been in court the day my husband died fighting for a man who was in the same hospital trying to get Ivermectin and vitamin C infusions. The judge refused and this man died a couple of weeks later. This nurse has quit her job because of all the patients she has lost due to the vaccine and the protocols and has promised to fight for the victims.

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