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Brittany H.’s Story

Abilene, TX

It's normal to beat the virus and to get better then all of a sudden organ failure?

Now I know why. Remdesivir.

Beating Covid

“Miraculously she beat the virus.”

My mother was taken by ambulance to our local emergency room for covid. She was admitted and put on an oxygen mask. After two days she was sent to ICU and put on a ventilator. She was on the vent and given remdesivir for ten days. Miraculously she beat the virus and was able to come off the vent. She was negative for covid and we were finally allowed to see her.

Remdesivir The Real Killer

She was improving little by little each day. Then all of a sudden, kidney failure. She was moved back to ICU within 24 hrs. of kidney failure for multiple organ failure. She was put back on the ventilator until we got there. And then she died. The doctor said this is normal in covid patients. I said "It's normal to beat the virus and to get better then all of a sudden organ failure???" He said yes. I said "But you all said she won. You all said she was going to make it. You have been making me make arrangements for her rehabilitation. Now she's gone and it's normal???" Again he said yes. This has never sat right with me. Now I know why. Remdesivir. I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY MOTHER!


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