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Art M.’s Story

Molalla, OR

My son was only 48 years old. A strong, healthy and hard-working husband and father.

It is my opinion that no one should go to the hospital as first line or even second line treatment.

The Hospital

“We would have started Ivermectin sooner, but we couldn’t access it.”

My son was only 48 years old. A strong, healthy and hard-working husband and father. In November 2021, my son acquired covid after having spent time with his mom and step-dad. They had both been “vaccinated” and came down with covid shortly thereafter. My son, Eric unknowingly brought the virus home to his wife and children but Eric seemed to have had more severe symptoms than the rest of the family. After about a week, Eric wasn’t getting better and was beginning to experience difficulty breathing. I brought Ivermectin to him which he willingly accepted and had taken only one dose prior to my receiving a call from my daughter-in-law on 11/15/21 saying my son was being transported via EMS to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. We would have started Ivermectin sooner, but we couldn’t access it, we just didn’t know where to obtain it and after hearing all the mainstream bad press and restrictions regarding this treatment, it became even more challenging.

Denial of Effective Treatment

I immediately left for the hospital to see my son after getting that call from my daughter-in-law but the staff wouldn't allow me in to see him once at the ER. I was very worried for my son and distressed about him being there alone as his family was unable to be with him due to their own battle with covid. However, I was allowed to see him the very next day but by then he had already been placed on a ventilator. No one was with Eric therefore; it is unknown who gave permission and the go ahead to place him on the ventilator. This was most disturbing to me and seemed much too quick and too radical for such an extreme measure.

I told the nurses and doctors to give my son Ivermectin and informed them he’d already had a first dose before coming to the hospital and would need to continue it to help him overcome covid. I informed the hospital staff this was what Eric wanted and he had already chosen to be on Ivermectin. I was given the argument about Ivermectin not being part of “hospital protocol” and that Ivermectin had no evidence or studies to prove it effective and that it was not approved for treatment of this virus. The hospital held firm to this argument even after I brought a document, I printed directly from the National Institutes of Health website citing Ivermectin as having been approved for the treatment of COVID-19. It even cited dosing parameters for use with COVID-19 yet the hospital dismissed it and would not budge.

Victim Helping Victims

“I fought hard and long yet in the end, still lost my son.”

About 5 days after Eric’s hospital admission, a nurse from Frontline Nurses contacted me and told me about her experience of losing her son to covid and her son had been in the same condition as my son Eric now was. Intubated, 9 chest tubes in place, body and life fading away to nothing. She shared her battle to save her son and how she fully believes covid did not kill her son, but rather, hospital protocols and physician’s indifference caused his demise. She told me that because of her experience, she was determined to save other family’s from going through what she did in the senseless and unnecessary loss of loved ones. She offered to help me and told me she had been able to save 40 other people who had been ventilated in the amount of time my son had been there, 42 days, and were in the same dire condition.

I accepted her offer to help and immediately acted on her instructions. First order of business was to obtain an Advanced Directive in order to be able to make medical decisions for my son while he was incapacitated. Without the Advanced Directive, I had no legal leg to stand on. The second order of business was to give the bylaws outlining the hospitals own protocol, supporting use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for treatment of covid, along with the advanced directive. I would need an attorney for these and the attorney helping me just happened to be one of the 40 people this nurse from Frontline Nurses saved using the safe and alternative protocol. This attorney had been as severely ill, intubated just as much time and dying just as my son was.

Going back to the beginning of my daughter-in-law’s texts, I can see the different information she was given versus the information I was given and conflicting reality also from what I witnessed during my visits. His wife and I were texting daily because she couldn’t go in since she was sick with covid as well. The hospital painted a sugared version to his wife on several occasions, yet my son’s condition was tenuous as I watched him wither away to nothing and very much felt like he was suffering from the lack of proper treatment. I felt torn and powerless to what was happening despite having followed the advice and receiving assistance from the Frontline nurse and attorney.

I pleaded and went the legal route and still could not make headway. I fought hard and long yet in the end, still lost my son.

Knowledge Is Power

“As a result of my experience and hearing hundreds of other stories like mine, I no longer trust the hospitals, vaccinations or the government.”

I am now on a mission to help spread the word about my son’s senseless death and to help others with knowledge about alternative and safe protocols for prevention, early treatment and hospital treatment. I have spoken to many individuals and had the opportunity to help members of my own family that came down with covid recently. By following the alternative protocol and being willing to be open minded, they all recovered in short order and without lingering symptoms. The treatment is out there if people are willing to stop buying into the mainstream theater and do some investigation on their own or with the help of those who have had personal knowledge and experience with the safe alternatives out there.

As a result of my experience and hearing hundreds of other stories like mine, I no longer trust the hospitals, vaccinations or the government. I’ve lost complete faith in the medical system as a whole. I feel like the doctors and nurses are trying to do their best with what they know, but now after this experience I feel they are being fed the wrong information and most definitely following the wrong protocol! The hospital is following a government protocol that won’t allow them to give Ivermectin and HcQ. Also, the hospital is getting paid more money if they put patients on a ventilator and because there is such lucrative financial gain, they can no longer remain objective, in my opinion.

Knowledge is power with this virus, if you can get unbiased knowledge ahead of time then your outcome will be so much more successful, and timing is everything! It is my opinion that no one should go to the hospital as first line or even second line treatment. However, you can get it, have Ivermectin and HcQ (hydroxychloroquine) on hand, make sure you’re taking vitamin C, Zinc with quercetin, and normal vitamins for keeping your immune system up. Get an oximeter to test your oxygen and if your levels start to drop at all, start the ivermectin and HcQ (actually, start it even before your levels drop!). Find a nebulizer for breathing treatments, have an oxygen source if it gets to that point of dropping oxygen levels. Look up the FLCC protocols online and follow the instructions, everything is outlined perfectly, and the protocol is not hard to understand or to follow.

The loss of my son has broken my heart, his death was unnecessary and easily preventable with the proper early treatment. I just wish I knew more at that time and could have done more to save him. This experience has divided our family due to mainstream medical misinformation and though we are amicable and still have love for one another, we are forever changed. My wish is no one else will ever have to experience the heartache and loss that we have endured, though sadly, I know many others have already walked this devastating path.

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