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Angela S.'s Story

Greensboro, NC

This experience left me bewildered, distrustful, and angry. I began reading the testimony of others and am astonished by the similarities.

This experience left me bewildered, distrustful, and angry.

Waiting in The ER

“He was also told if I was not treated with Remdesivir, I could die.”

My name is Angela Stoner and in early September I began showing signs of illness which included fever, cough, and sleepiness. My husband also began showing signs of cough and congestion. On 9/12/21, we went to a CVS drug store for Covid testing (mistake). Both results were positive. On 9/13/21, I had difficulty breathing, and my family made the decision to call 911. I was taken to Wesley Long Hospital which is part of the Moses Cone Healthcare System.

After arriving at the hospital, I waited in the ER for a very long time. Other patients in the waiting area were compassionate, gave up their seats, and rearranged furniture so I would have a place to rest my head. It would be hours before I was seen. They sent me back out into the Waiting Room, and they took my husband back. He insisted on me being treated first; he and I were separated. He received monoclonal antibodies and was sent home.

Note: He has Healthcare Power of Attorney and was told if I could answer three or four questions correctly, I was of sound mind and intervention would not be necessary. He was also told if I was not treated with Remdesivir, I could die. I find it odd, if near death, why would I be sent back to the Waiting Room.


When the ER doctor came to see me, he informed me I was being treated with Remdesivir. I have early stages of kidney disease and am pre-diabetic (noted in my medical records available to them). I strongly opposed Remdesivir on those grounds and asked for alternative medicine such as HCQ. I was told the hospital doesn’t use those agents because they could actually cause harm. Two other antibiotics were mentioned which I hadn’t heard of. They distorted my objection, and it was recorded in my record as being combative, paranoid and manic among other things. I felt powerless, silenced and patronized. I am so tired of the lies being perpetuated by the agencies touted to be protecting us.

It was my understanding, after stating that, I would not be treated with Remdesivir. If I removed the cannulas, I was threatened by nurses I would be put on a ventilator (noted in record). I kept calling my husband at home begging him to come get me because I needed an advocate, but he had great difficulty getting through to speak with anyone regarding my condition.

Believing the Remdesivir had been stopped, I spoke out about my research and my objection to the Remdesivir numerous times during my stay. Getting up and out of bed was self-initiated. My blood sugar had skyrocketed as well as my liver enzymes. When asked about my sugar level, I learned it was over 200, yet I was not put on dietary restrictions?! I said something to the nurse who conceded, “We have diet ginger ale.” It was madness, and I faced the opposition alone.

Pushing the Vax

“I saw his PA who told me I only had nine weeks of immunity!”

There are very few veteran nurses still employed by the hospital so traveling nurses and college graduates in training were on duty and did not appear to question anything. I asked both doctors and nurses about the dangers connected to the injection and with treatments like Remdesivir and ventilators, but they were negated. They were (or acted) totally unaware. During discharge, I was asked if I plan on getting the mRNA injection (so-called vaccine). When I asked about immunity, I was told the research was unclear and felt shamed.

The first available follow-up after hospitalization at my general practitioner’s office, I saw his PA who told me I only had nine weeks of immunity! I did a short pop quiz with her, and to sum it up, she never heard of Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold, or Dr. Judy Mikovits. I was told to follow-up with a cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist and my urologist. My urologist and gastroenterologist were the only two not recommending the “vaccine”. My gastroenterologist told me I had stronger immunity than anyone who took the shot.

Lastly, a few weeks back, my general practitioner dismissed me from his practice for refusing to wear a mask to have lab work drawn. In 2021, when I asked him of his opinion on masks, he admitted masking is ineffective against microscopic organisms. This experience left me bewildered, distrustful, and angry. I began reading the testimony of others and am astonished by the similarities.

Thank you for working tirelessly to get this message out.



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