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A Registered Nurse's Story

No one is safe in the current medical system.

In A World Of Followers, Be A Leader

The Job Of Healing

Up until April of this year I had been doing home infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin, or IVIG for patients with a variety of primarily autoimmune, neurology issues. IVIG is formulated from anonymous plasma donors. The plasma is then pooled from thousands of donors to make the IVIG.

Unclean Blood

“We discovered that the plasma is not being screened.”

I had one particular patient, who did not take the covid vaccines and recovered from covid with an antibody level of 100 suddenly got sick 3 days after her infusions. She went to Urgent Care and blood work revealed a covid antibody number of 2,500, positive d-dimer test which was indicative of making a clot, and all of her inflammatory markers were elevated. After much digging we discovered that the plasma is not being screened for either recovered covid antibodies or vaccine junk. The manufacturer admitted it, her doctor admitted it and my boss told me to keep quiet about it. I didn't, I quit the job, and told my story on the Stew Peters show.

Leaving The Blood Money Behind

“I am both saddened and disgusted to be a part of the medical community.”

In retrospect, I thought about another patient of mine who did not take the injections, and maybe 6 or 8 months into starting IVIG developed lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune condition that IVIG should not cause, but people who are getting the jab are suddenly coming down with it. I believe that our plasma, and blood supplies are all tainted and this can be very bad. Many of my patients have family members who were coerced to get three and sometimes four and now have leukemia and a wide variety of cancers. Do you know how they treat leukemia? With blood transfusions that we now know contain the vaccine which caused the leukemia in the first place. I am both saddened and disgusted to be a part of the medical community. I ended up taking a job in a Wellness Center infusing IV vitamins, attempting to heal people from this poison. I make $40,000 less a year but I can rest my head on my pillow knowing I'm not hurting people.

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