Protocol Kills

Patients are people and people have God given rights.

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Hospital Protocol

Hospital protocol is a way for hospitals to make money at the expense of our loved ones' lives and health.

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About Remdesivir

The new drug that is being used in hospital protocol is deadly and has a deadly past.


Patients have rights and these rights are not removed because of hospital protocol.  Learn how to resist the hospitals' poisons.

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Avoiding the

Staying away from the hospital is the most important step if you or a loved one gets Covid. 

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to inform people of the dangers of Remdesivir, hospital protocols, and the true intended purpose for their use. Arming you with knowledge gives you the power to keep yourself and your loved ones alive. 

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Our Stories

Read about our first-hand experiences with the deadly drug Remdesivir and what the hospitals do to ensure death.

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Your story can be any length and detailed. Your story will not only help inform others about what is happening in hospitals, but it will also be a testimonial to the criminal acts of the hospital. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.


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Primum non nocerum. (First do no harm)

― Hippocrates

     The Father of Medicine