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Take Action By Spreading Truth

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Churches Fighting For God

We have been overcome by evil in every aspect of our society and this was only made possible by removing God.  Although our founders protected the people from religion forced upon them, this nation was founded on God.  Churches need to put on the armor of God and acknowledge the evil has infiltrated this country.  This website is a place where people can find a local or online church that is willing to speak out against corruption and seek to put God back in government.

Fearless Truth

If you would like to share your story on video, whether involving hospital protocol or other forms of corruption, go to Fearless Truth.

The more we share, the more people we can awaken to the evils among us. 

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Our Amazing Grace

Learn about the new genocide taking place from Scott Schara.  See how his beautiful daughter was a victim of this and her death has brought to light what so many have accepted as normal occurrences.  Learn the true agenda about why people are dying and how history is repeating itself.

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