Vira and Rod's Story

Milwaukee, WI

He is 58 years old and has never smoked or vaped tobacco products. Before September 24,2021 he was healthy with no prior medical history or illness.

He went into St. Luke's weighing 218lbs, now he’s 151lbs.

Sent Home to Get Worse

“They just handed me a piece of paper that said positive for COVID and they told me to go home and self-quarantine for 10 days.”

Rod left feeling sick from work and came home crying because he felt miserable. Around 4:30 the same day I drove him to West Allis Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic. As we walked up to the clinic I could see through the glass windows and I noticed no one was wearing a mask. I thought it was odd because there’s a large sign taped to the glass door that read “mask required”. I saw two dark skinned females in white gowns standing and an older dark skin male in his late 30’s sitting behind a desk. They were laughing and looking to be having a good time. As soon as we walked in, they all rushed to put their masks on; the ones strapped to their chin.

About 10 minutes passed and Rod’s appointment was over. I said “wow that was quick!!” “What did they say??” “Did they prescribe you anything???” He said they talked about his COVID symptoms, already a few weeks of feeling nauseous; diarrhea, vomiting, hard time breathing and sleeping. He showed them his red toes, blue tongue and red fingers and told them they hurt. He is 58 years old and he’s never smoked or vaped tobacco products.

Before September 24,2021 he was healthy with no prior medical history or illness aside from the shot he received as a child and 1 flu shot his entire life.

When I asked him what they gave him for it he said “Nothing, they just handed me a piece of paper that said positive for COVID and they told me to go home and self-quarantine for 10 days.” Rod said he shared his concerns going home while feeling weak and out of breath. He said they told him twice not to go to the hospital. That he needs to go home and self quarantine for 10 days, and get plenty of rest.

It was doom and gloom for us. He looked tired, desperate and helpless and cried.

He was restless because he couldn’t sleep. Every-time he would doze off he would wake up in a panic because he couldn’t breathe. I watched him get worse minute by minute. It was so heartbreaking, I didn’t know what I could do for him. Our 2 daughters (age 24 and 19) went to the same clinic and tested negative for COVID. They shared their concerns about living in the same household as my husband and informed them he tested positive for COVID the day before at the same clinic. They were told to go home and self quarantine for 10 days and given antibiotics. My husband was given nothing the day before.

On October 1, 2021 I just came in from working a 12 hour shift at the Powerhouse, the first thing I noticed was my husband struggling to hold himself up. He looked like he was going to lose consciousness. Take me to the hospital right now, I can’t breathe!!” PLEASE!!! Without hesitation we left our house as fast as we could and rushed him straight to the hospital. We had no idea this could have been his coffin. We ran into an experimental chamber and didn’t even know it. They were going to try to kill him. His organs quickly started shutting down as soon as they gave him his first dose of Remdesivir, according to his records his first dose was on 10/1/2021, the same day I rushed him to the ER with worsening Covid symptoms and struggling to breathe.

On October 1st, he was tricked into ICU by St. Luke’s Hospital. One doctor told him they wanted to keep him for “OBSERVATION”. This was after he was already told they were “going to send him home. There’s even a small “discharge list of medications” on his records. On October 4th I got a call from the hospital telling me that as his wife, I have to make medical decisions for him because he can’t. The doctors and nurses would put constant pressure on me to do a DNR for a period of a week straight everyday, all day through different nurses and doctors. They even wanted me to come in and “meet with all of his care team.” Is this protocol?


“He even wrote a sign that read “HELP”.”

During his stay at the hospital, he had a total organ shut down. Pneumonia (some untreatable), MRSA, UTI, Malnutrition, 3 comas, 3 heart attacks, and a stroke. To make matters worse, he was given the worst treatment in the ICU anyone can imagine. He said he was mistreated the entire time he was in the hospital by everyone in the ICU with the exception of maybe one or two. He said, “The only time someone came in the room was to give me meds. They treated and talked loud to me like I was this 80 year old man that couldn’t hear.” The alarm to his ventilator would sound off on a regular basis as if it was a normal “protocol” and it was usually ignored for long periods at a time. One time, Rod pushed the nurses button many times and it was still ignored. The call light stays on until someone comes in the room to shut it off. He even wrote a sign that read “HELP”. He told me he held it up high enough where 4 people in gowns that passed by his glass room saw it. He said “Then they looked away, and just kept walking, acting like they didn’t even see anything!” The ventilator alarm had sounded for about 40 minutes when someone finally came to check the alarm. Because of this, his face turned blue and gray in color. So they had to sedate him, I was told.

He was given Dialysis with no one ever there to monitor or attend to it. On Zoom I never saw anyone in the room or when I went to visit him. “Not once, was anyone ever there in the room to monitor or watch the dialysis machine” my husband said.

The alarm to the dialysis was regularly ignored too as if it was a general “protocol.” One time, the Seraph filter to his dialysis clotted for 6 hours. His room was rarely cleaned and there was feces on his bed rails, room, and floor. For 4 hours, a soiled wipe of his feces was on the Walking assistant Commode in his room. Rod said, “It’s been there for 4 hours. I know because I sit and stare at this big red clock that sits right in front me.”

He would stare at the clock because it’s all he could do. He’d lay on the stretch bed looking at the clock watching time pass by; hopping to get out of his misery. Sometimes for days at a time…. Once he stayed up for 3 days straight and saw his PT sneak in “Modelo” beer and “stashed it in his room to hide it”. This is the same PT who willingly and knowingly neglected him. He left him alone without any supervision knowing he was frail. Because of this, Rod fell head first on the concrete floor and laid there for 2 hours. He was kept in a coma and heavily sedated because he would get “agitated” or “to give his brain a rest”.

Sometimes they would shove this long hose down his trachea, all the way down to where you couldn’t see it. They said it was to suction all of the mucus. Sometimes while gagging, red in the face kicking his feet they kept shoving it down. Every time he asked for water they said no. No matter how much He cried, begged and pleaded to everyone that would go in his room for “just a sip of water.” He kept telling them his mouth and tongue were like the desert.

Record Discrepancies

I noticed after further investigating his “new'' medical records, notes, recordings, pictures, videos, and witnesses are different from what was said. After going through and reading more than 300 pages of his “new'' medical records .

The first thing I noticed was the missing information that I gave them over…and over…and over again. It showed no marriage on file, not children on file, no education or occupation on file and no intimate partner violence on file. Every chance we got we told everyone about the restraining my husband has against his ex wife that’s still active till 2027. She was trying to kill him. Yet somehow she was inside the hospital down by the lobby. I sent them her pictures and even set up a password for us to use as security. I even showed them the restraining order. How is it that no one knows me according to Rod's medical records? On October 4th, I specifically put together a package that included a picture collage that was about 20x20.” All with pictures of my husband and me. I dropped it off around 11:30 pm with Maria that night along with our framed wedding certificate and a framed Union Bible for the Millwright’s. Besides this, I was in contact with the hospital every day. I interacted with hospital staff through zoom, in person, and over the phone. They called me by my name and all know “our love story.” I even wrote a small book of our love story and left it at the nurses station for everyone to read. I wanted them to know and remind them that My husband is an individual in their care. Almost everyone in the ICU on the 8th FL either heard about me or dealt with me. Why was this information omitted? Who were they going to contact if he died in their care?

What We Face Now

“ Now he’s broken like Humpty Dumpty trying to put him back together again.”

After 4 hospitals, he was released on 12/24/2021. Everyday Is torture going back for “follow up treatment” to the same hospital system that caused all of this! And then they say “hello….what brings you here today,,,,, how can I help you?” I say, “You guys do!!!!!! St. Luke’s f*#ked him up and now we’re here to try and fix it. Now he’s broken like Humpty Dumpty trying to put him back together again. Aside from being his wife, I am his nurse 24/7, comfort, and advocate. Within 30 minutes I learned how to change the IV to his picc line, flush it with saline, attach his Micafungin IV bag, flush it with saline again and then with Heparin.

As of today, his toes and fingers on both hands and feet are necrotic. His fingers are being left to “self-amputate.” He was scheduled to have surgery for amputation on his feet May 5, 2022 but it was canceled today (May 3, 2022) on our way to his 8:30am pre-operation appointment. We don’t know why, all she said was “You’ll be hearing from your doctor, wait for him to call you.” His lungs are under-inflated. His liver has abnormal bile ducts function and still other unknown liver issues. He’s been jaundice and so yellow it looks like he’s glowing. His body itches like crazy everywhere; even his eyeballs itch. He can’t eat anything because of his liver. Everything “tastes like crap” and the high enzymes in his liver reject the majority of it. So he drinks Ensure protein drinks. That’s his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He drinks 3-4 a day. His new condition took his ability, (possibly permanently), of ever returning to back work as Union Millwright. His ability to provide for his family, working a job he’s passionate about, and to just basically enjoy life. He would have retired in 2 years from a trade he was passionate about. He was a Journeyman Millwright for over 23 years.

He went into St. Luke's weighing 218lbs, now he’s 151lbs. Nothing but skin and bones.

He used to Curl 45lbs everyday on each arm, now he can barely lift 10lbs. We were both Traveling Millwright’s (Journeyman) on jobs together like Colorado, and Michigan and all over Milwaukee and Wisconsin. He asked me to marry him on our way to the Sturgis Bike Rally. We were on the motorcycle on the highway going 80 miles/ hour when he proposed. We rode over 900 miles and got married on August 15, 2020 at 2;30pm. For over 23 years he has run many jobs as a Foreman. One of the jobs was installing MRI’s in all of the hospitals in Milwaukee. Ironically he installed one in the same ICU hospital where he laid in a coma for 6 weeks during 10/1/2021-11/29/2021.

Try To Survive The Aftermath

Two separate hospitals and staff, in more than a thousand ways grossly failed to hold ANY standard level of care. There was none. West Allis Urgent Care walk in Clinic and St. Luke's Hospital ICU both in Milwaukee, WI failed us. My husband is a victim, and the family are now all suffering considerably physically, mentally, and financially because of this. None of these problems existed prior to September 24th. NONE. Almost everything they told us is different compared to what’s in his records . The more I read, the more I noticed there was a lot of information that contradicted what they told our family and me.

Right now my husband is in urgent need of functional doctors to go over his medical records. One that will diagnose and fix what the “hospital system” ruined. An overwhelming amount of new medical issues are piling up. We are both out of work and all of the bills are piling up. We’re in need of financial support to pay for these hospital bills, housing, food , and basic living finances. Please help us, we can’t do it alone.


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