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Laura P.'s Story

Wilkes Barre, PA

I'm heartbroken. I saw two beautiful and special people robbed of life.

They were murdered in a hospital!

The Nightmare Begins

“ They refused Ivermectin saying it was poison.”

Two weeks before Thanksgiving my dad and grandmother both were taken to the ER in need of supplemental oxygen. We didn't want them taken to the ER but they went by their own choice. Our mom, who was equally sick, stayed home where we treated her with Ivermectin from Frontline Doctors and high supplementation and she started recovering in days! Meanwhile, my dad and gram were in the ER for three days because there was no bed


On the first day of the ER, the nightmare and demonic treatment began. The anger and aggravation shown to us were beyond imaginable. Nurses refused to care for either of them, they waited for over an hour for help to a bathroom, they were awful. On day two of the ER, I requested a transfer or release.

They said they refused to release anyone unless I would sign off on hospice. This was in an ER! After three days they refused Ivermectin saying it was poison. I asked for vitamins and they said they don't use them. They denied and denied and denied proper care.

Things Got Worse

On day 3 they both got a bed and we thought it would get better instead it went downhill from there. The Doctors and nurses would let my gram sit in her own waste! They didn't come in and bathe them, they wouldn't feed them or make sure they were even drinking.

On day 4, my dad was very much aware of what was happening and was strong in mind, just weak from being very sick. They refused Ivermectin again and I asked for Vitamins again Dr. Patel informed me that there has never been any evidence that Vitamin C is helpful. Meanwhile, we were treating my mom at home with Ivermectin, high dose supplementation of vitamins and a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer treatment and she is getting better. Every day she improves before our eyes! And in the hospital, they are telling me it was toxic! So I started taking it too as a precaution and using high supplementation and I never got Covid. So, I went to the hospital and told them they were lying.

Demonic Treatment

“I was allowed in but only for an hour a day.”

Days 6 through 10 is when it started really becoming obvious they wanted incentives and to kill them!!! They wouldn't call with updates. I was allowed in but only for an hour a day. I would go in and see his food untouched and water not consumed. He was laying there unable to reach it. I would go in and try to feed and hydrate him. I would try to move him on his stomach to break up the fluid. They let them lay there unclean and refused to care for their needs.

The hospice serpents would come around every day and tell me they were DYING! Telling me to SIGN OFF! I refused and kept asking for Ivermectin and for other options. They said our only treatment is "REM" and if you're not open to it, we can't do anything else. The next day I went in and he was off all his heart medication and not even connected to fluids anymore! I asked why and they said, "we can't give him his meds because he is on the CPAP and we can't give him fluids anymore." So he was not getting his heart meds and he was then beginning to starve and dehydrate!

The Nurses Cocktail

“High levels of morphine that basically slips them into a coma so they don't have to care for them at night.”

We had a nurse friend who reviewed their charts secretly and confirmed they were also being

given what she called a "nurse cocktail" which is high levels of morphine that basically slips them into a coma so they don't have to care for them at night! Then I started drawing a line on his waters to see if they were allowing him to drink at all when I was not there. Days of no water consumption began. I slowly saw him dehydrate. I could only see him for one hour a day. I would fight with the Doctor every day. He was being malnourished and dehydrated right before my eyes!

On day 9 they called my aunt and said my gram was dying to sign off on hospice. She reluctantly did and as soon as she did they removed it all and she lived another 30 hours without oxygen! This is disgusting! She was not going to die, they euthanized her.

On day 10 she and my father died an hour apart. They were taken to the ER an hour apart. They needed bed space. They got their Covid incentives and billed Medicare for the 10 days they stayed. By the time they died, they didn't have COVID and the Dr. refused to remove it from their charts saying, "If someone comes in with COVID they keep that status the entire time." So they aren't even trying to heal people. They are killing for cash!

They Were Murdered

They knew they were getting them vented and they weren't willing to provide the proper treatment, care, or even time. They have broken the Nuremberg Code and their Hippocratic Oaths. I am currently looking for a lawyer to go after the hospital! The obituaries in that small town all read that hundreds of people have died in that hospital because of this protocol! It's horrible. I'm heartbroken. I saw two beautiful and special people robbed of life. They were murdered in a hospital!

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