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Julie B.'s Story

Ravenel, SC

I'm hoping my story will help someone.

I came back from death and I should not be here.

The Hospital

“ I died 5 times.”

I'm hoping my story will help someone. There is hope that you can get better, and I'm living proof. On September 8th, I was admitted to Roper Hospital in Mount Pleasant, because all of the hospitals downtown were full. I was transferred downtown to the ICU. I was placed on a ventilator and put into a medically induced coma. I died 5 times. My husband watched them do CPR on me to bring me back, and yes, it messed him up. I also had several seizures that were very intense and caused the medical equipment to go haywire. They told my family to prepare for my funeral because I wasn't going to make it. My husband wasn't taking that for an answer, so they called the cops on him.

Total Neglect

I was then transferred to Vibra on October 30th. When I was there, I was left lying in my own feces and it ate the skin off my butt area. I was neglected and my call button was unplugged. I had to kick the frame off the bed to get their attention. At first, I fell out of bed trying to use the bathroom because they failed to tell me that I didn't have use of my legs. I also got accused of sexually molesting a nurse. I got screamed at in front of everyone. Even when I had no use of my arms and hands, I was beaten on and called stupid. I even have pictures of the bruising. I ended up with bedsores. I complained so much and the administration got tired of my husband calling them. A nurse told me I didn't belong on the list to have someone help feed me because she said I could feed myself. I was released on December 1st and came home. I had to learn how to walk, how to feed myself, how to dress myself, and bathe myself. I just had learned how to on my own. I haven't used my wheelchair in over a week. I am now off oxygen even though half my right lung is scarred. I do have brain damage in the part that controls my arms and legs and also in the area of my eyes. It is possible to come back from this. I came back from death and I should not be here. Now I can't get any help from a lawyer to help others like me, but maybe my story can give hope to someone else.



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