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John L.'s Story

Bethpage, NY

Why couldn't they actually practice medicine and do what's best for the patients?

It took them 11 days to murder my Frannie.

Needing Oxygen

“They put her on oxygen and we went to St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage, NY.”

My wife Fran had a headache on Saturday Christmas Day 2021. My brother and his wife were over on Christmas Eve. They said they also woke up with headaches and probably wouldn't come over that day. On Sunday, Fran was sneezing and was congested. I got her some OTC meds from CVS and it seemed to help a bit. She was also very tired with a low grade fever. Monday and Tuesday she dealt with her symptoms and by Wednesday she felt a little better and her congestion had cleared up. Our doctor prescribed her a Z pack and by Friday New Year's Eve her fever had broken and she was feeling even better. Very thirsty, she downed 2 bottles of water. I figured we were over the hump. It was around 12-1 pm she started having trouble breathing. My son got very nervous and called the Fire Dept. for an ambulance. The firehouse is literally down the block. They couldn't get an oxygen reading from her finger and she was turning blue. She was very weak at this point. It was like, what the hell happened? They put her on oxygen and we went to St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage, NY.

Is She Vaccinated

In the ER they started with the questions “Is she vaccinated?" Maybe I should have said yes but I said NO. Neither am I. She was on HiFlo oxygen and they tested her for covid which of course came back positive. A chest x-ray showed she had pneumonia. When the infectious disease doctor came around he said we will put her on Remdesivir. I said NO. Give her Ivermectin or HCQ. I showed him the study in India where they handed out Ivermectin to everyone and had like 49 cases by the end of September out of 240 million people. He said we don't do that in the U.S. our protocol is Remdesivir. I refused it. They finally got a room for her in CCU at 11:30 New Year's eve but they wouldn't let us come with her to say goodnight. We got home just before midnight. The next morning she called me and said that a few doctors had been in there with her and told her if she didn't take the Remdesivir she was going to die. I told her that that stuff is no good. Her last words to me were, "John, I don't want to die in this place." I relented. That is my fault. I carry that guilt with me everyday. The doctor got on the phone and said they would monitor the Remdesivir and only do a 5 day dose.

The Intent To Kill

“They had her on Fentanyl, Propofol and a slew of other drugs.”

They had her on a Bipap for oxygen at this point already because her oxygen levels were low. By day 3 they told me they had to intubate her on a ventilator because her pneumonia had worsened. My son and daughter still could not see her. At this point, they had her heavily sedated and was probably in a coma because they have to knock you out to get a tube down your throat. They had her on Fentanyl, Propofol and a slew of other drugs. We called for updates in the mornings, in the afternoons a different doctor called us with an update, and evenings at about 9:30. They let us up after about day 7 to see her but it was not a sight to see. We were all gowned up but Frannie was unconscious. They had given her dialysis and extended her Remdesivir. After 8 days of that crap I demanded they stop it. She wasn't getting better.

We were allowed to see her on the 11th which I was surprised because the NP said whenever you want to come up you guys can. We got there as soon as we could and things were not looking good. We were with Frannie for about 5 or 6 hours just praying and crying. They asked us to leave at about 6:30 pm and would keep us posted. I was going to call at 9:30 for an update but my phone rang at 9:05. It was the hospital. They said they were sorry but she passed. That was Jan. 11, 2022. It took them 11 days to murder my Frannie. We had been together since 1987 and married for 30 of those years. I carry the guilt everyday of why I let them give her that shit. Why couldn't they actually practice medicine and do what's best for the patients? It's because of the money the government pays out to the hospitals and the doctors and the fear of a doctor losing their license to practice. The infectious disease doctor was an arrogant ass from the start. Dr. Arif Dharsee. I have 1200 pages of medical records for the 11 days Frannie was there. I was told by Lawyers that because of CDC protocol that I could not sue. I am looking for justice and so far my children and I are lost. Thank you for reading my story. Praying.

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