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Anna G’s Story

I lost both my parents to the Hospital protocols.

Honolulu, HIU

They were the biggest part of my life and I was the caregiver.

My Parents

“ I was not informed that either parent was receiving Remdesivir.”

I lost both my parents to the Hospital protocols. They were the biggest part of my life and I was the caregiver and their POA. I am a RN who worked at Kaiser clinic during the pandemic, but did not know about these dangerous EUA medications. They were denied any alternative treatments and I was not informed that either parent was receiving Remdesivir.

My Mother's Rights Were Violated

Both were admitted on 8/9/2021. My mother was having intermittent leg pain, swelling and difficulty walking for 2 weeks. Previously admitted for the same symptoms due to her previous Aortic bilateral femoral bypass surgery in 2019.

Her admitting symptoms were not addressed, and an unauthorized PCR was given. I was told the next day that she would die if she did not receive monoclonal antibodies, which I agreed to that and steroids only. 3 days later she was deteriorating, when questioning the doctor about her decreased mental status, pain, and combative behavior I found she was started on Remdesivir and Baricitnib. After researching these medications I demanded the EUA medications were stopped, and requested alternative Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and was denied. Prior to admission my mother had chronic kidney disease, Her INR went from 1.9- 7.1. I requested again that all medications be stopped, and my mother be scanned for internal bleeding. I was denied both requests.

As an employee, and a Nurse at Kaiser I was not allowed to see my mother or assist in her care. At my request she received Vit K to reverse her 7.1 INR the night before she died. A scan of the surgical site area was finally done. She bled to death due to a supratherapeutic INR, retroperitoneal bilateral psoas hemorrhage. I was not able to help her, because they locked her down on a Covid unit. My mother's rights were violated, and this is a crime.

My Father

“It is all Covid now.”

My father was admitted the same day via a transport service. He had a cold, and was not eating or walking because his wife of 65 years was not either. He fell when getting up to the bathroom, and was very dehydrated. Once he reached the ER, Dr. Russel called me, and said "Your father has a cold, and is dehydrated. I will give him fluids and you can pick him up in a couple of hours." She called back an hour later and reported an unauthorized PCR test as positive and said she would keep him overnight. The inpatient doctor called to tell me they had to admit him, because he needed to be quarantined for 10 days. The IC doctor called stating he needed monoclonal antibodies or he would die and I agreed to that treatment only. I asked why my parents were only tested for Covid and not the usual flu or norovirus, he said "It is all Covid now." My father had no symptoms of covid, and did not use Oxygen, saturation on room air was 97%. When I was able to see him after isolation he was not eating. I found wounds and skin tears everywhere on his body and his eyes were swollen shut and draining. He had delusions, he became combative and severely confused.

I took him home, and he died in 4 months.

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