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Angela's Story

Columbia, TN

My husband for 35 plus years, father of 4 wonderful children, protocol killed him and destroyed us.

This strong man, husband, father never had a chance.

He Only Needed X-rays

“He had pneumonia at the end of January 2021.”

My husband for 35 plus years, father of 4 wonderful children, protocol killed him and destroyed us. Robin had an immune deficiency, so we made it a point to stay away from public places. He had pneumonia at the end of January 2021 and his primary doctor gave him antibiotics for a week. He started getting better, but the pneumonia went to his other lung, so he went back to the doctor to get more antibiotics. His doctor wasn't in that day, and the doctor that was there sent him to the hospital for x-rays.

Our daughter took him to the hospital for x-rays, when he arrived, nobody was allowed to assist. While in the ER a doctor came in gave him an IV, they knew he was there for x-rays. A doctor came in and started telling him he could be put on a ventilator, he asked for what? The doctor said your breathing will get worse. Robin said I have had pneumonia numerous times and never have been put on a vent. He said I am just here for x-rays.


The Dr. said you have Covid. He said NO I have been tested by my doctor several times I don't have Covid. That Dr. in the ER gave him Remdesivir, and Ativan piggybacked on the IV and he didn't even know it. The Ativan made him unaware of things, Robin called our daughter who was waiting in the hospital parking lot, he told her he was Covid positive. When he called by that time the Ativan made him loopy and he was talking about how the Dr. was flying the drugs in when they had already given him the drugs. We spoke with the doctor several times demanding they don't give him anything.

The Drugs

“The report states he didn't want the medication and the nurses laughed.”

We spoke with Robin's immune doctor, and we agreed that the plasma treatment would be ok because he gets an IVIG treatment every 3 weeks anyway. While in the hospital they gave him the plasma along with Remdesivir and Ativan and other drugs. He was so confused and talking out of his head we were scared. Robin even called the police 3 times, they finally showed up and did a police report. The report states he didn't want the medication and the nurses laughed. Robin was able to check himself out of the hospital after a week. 2 days later while at home he was hallucinating so bad that we had to call an ambulance.

Protocol Took My Husband

“I believe he never had Covid.”

They took him back to the hospital and continued with the same drugs. We had so much trouble, his body, mind, soul was never the same. It took months and months, and doctor after doctor to find out what was going on with his body and mind. We never could find out anything. The weekend after Thanksgiving he was admitted back into the hospital. They put him in ICU and said he had Covid again, his kidneys were shutting down, and there was nothing they could do. December 5th, 2021, protocol took my husband. Needless to say, nobody in our family had Covid during this whole time. I believe he never had it and they saw an easy target. This strong man, husband, father never had a chance. Today, we suffer the trauma to see what he went through. LIVES SHATTERED FOR THEIR GREED.

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So sorry for your loss Angela, Robin is such a strong and intelligent soul to call the cops and do a report. There's no way he would've gotten Covid when nobody else in your family gotten it, and TWICE?! Back to back like that? The things they do for GREED! Remdesivir shuts down his organs and from there all of his other organs were affected. They're actively murdering people! They will have their day when they suffer in hell for eternity.


Feb 03, 2022

When will this get media attention? I’ve been looking for lawyers and nothing. The conservatives with social media prescience doesn’t even mention the murder protocols. How many more deaths till action is done?


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