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Leaders and Links

Many brave people are standing up to the medical tyranny that is being experienced today. From community leaders to doctors and nurses, these leaders are making their voices heard and are heroes in the fight for freedom.  Below are some of those leaders and links to their organizations.

I​saiah 1:17 Learn to do what is good. Seek justice. Correct the oppressor.  Defend the rights of the fatherless. Plead the widow’s cause.

Senator Bob Hall

Senator Bob Hall.jpg
Senator Bob Hall of district 2 in Texas is one of few in politics willing to stand up for patients' rights and speak out against unjust hospital treatment of patients. He wants to help all those that have been injured or killed by Covid hospital protocol and expose the corruption.

Dr. Richard Bartlett 

Dr. Richard Bartlett is the discoverer of the highly effective Budesonide Protocol and 7 year medical adviser for the state of Texas appointed by Governor Rick Perry.  He and his sister Laura actively offer advice and support for those being held captive in hospitals.

Dr Bartlett.jpg

Scott Schara


Scott's daughter died under the directive care of physicians in a hospital and after the doctor put an illegal DNR on her life.  Since then Scott has been working tirelessly to share the truth about hospital murders.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden 

Dr. Mary Bowden runs a private practice, BreatheMD, and has successfully treated Covid patients with many treatments such as Ivermectin, HCQ, and others.  She was suspended by Houston Methodist Hospital after they accused her of spreading COVID-19 "misinformation" is now suing the institution. 


Dr. Zev Zelenko

Dr Zelenko.jpg

Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko drew the attention of President Trump back in the spring of 2020 with a simple protocol of cheap, proven, widely available drugs for COVID-19 that included hydroxychloroquine. Since then, he and his team have administered what is now known as the Zelenko Protocol to more than 7,000 COVID patients, with only three deaths.

Jennifer Bridges

Jenniger Bridges.jpg

My name is Jennifer Bridges. I am a Registered Nurse in Houston Texas. It's possible you have seen our story across the National news. I have organized a lawsuit against Houston Methodist hospital for terminating hundreds of employees due to their covid vaccine mandate. We were the first in the country to deal with this mandate that takes away an individual's personal, religious, medical, and constitutional rights!

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. — the son of former New York senator and U.S. attorney general Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy — is an attorney, environmental activist and syndicated talk radio host. Athur of the book "The Real Anthongy Fauci". He brings to light the corruption of past vaccines, the current Covid vaccines, and pharmacutical companies.

Robert Kennedy Jr..jpg

Dr. Bryan Ardis 

I am Dr Bryan Ardis, I have a passion for inspiring, encouraging, educating, and extending hope to people all over the world in the way of health, wellness, and vibrant living!!!


Robert & Jaime Agee

Robert and Jaime Agee.jpg

Due to a totally corrupt and inept media, people are taking the vaccines without knowledge of the enormous number of adverse effects, permanent injuries and deaths that are occurring as a result of receiving it. They want to share the "reported" numbers with everyone contemplating taking the “vaccine”, so that others can may make an informed decision.  They are the founders of Banners4Freeedom.

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