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Emergency Docs

Everyone should have these forms printed, filled out, and signed and notarized NOW in case you must go to the ER.  

Why do you need these forms? 

Must Have Forms

I Am The Patient

Everyone should have these printed, filled out, and notarized while healthy. Assume that one day you may be a patient. Always make and keep copies.

Exemption Forms

I Am The Legal Surrogate

If there is no Medical Power of Attorney in place, most states provide for a default surrogate decision maker in their state laws.  This person is appointed to make medical decisions if a person is unable to.

Have these forms ready as an advocate for the patient.  Always make and keep copies.

Famous Lines

I Am The Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney is one who has the right to make decisions about someone else's medical care on his/her behalf. This is enforced by the Medical Power of Attorney legal documentation. 

Have these forms ready as an advocate for the patient.  Always make and keep copies.

Print out these cards and pass out to church members, family, neighbors, and friends. Click icon or image

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