Median & Interviews of Protocol Victims

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Diamond and Silk Interview with Greta

Diamond and Silk have a live chat with Greta Crawford about and what happens when a Covid patient goes to the hospital


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Kelly Tells Her Story to Ricky

Kelly tells of her horrific experiment with the murder of her husband by hospital protocol

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Flyover Conservatives Talks about

Greta Crawford shares what the website is about and why people everywhere need to know what is going on in hospitals.

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Therese's Interview On Street Talk

Therese Hernandez shares her story with Stiletto on Street Talk about what the hospital did to her father and how she is fighting for justice.

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Greta's Interview With Ricky on The Uncensored Voice 

Greta talks with Ricky Midnight about, why she created it and what it's purpose is.

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Street Talk With Stiletto

Stiletto, Greta, and Jennifer Bridges talk Medical Madness. The first nurse to be fired for not taking the vax and currently suing Methodist hospital.

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Greta Crawford and Scott Schara on The Robert Scott Bell Show

Greta talks about her experience in the hospital and what she has learned since then. Scott talks about his beautiful young daughter taken from him and what he has learned.

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Greta's Interview On Street Talk

Greta Crawford shares her story with Stiletto on Street Talk and talks about the website ProtocolKills.


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Surviving Hospital Death Protocols

An information presentation by God's Digital Angels. Speakers include Jennifer Bridges, Greta Crawford, Cassandra, and Marlies Ledbetter. Hear first hand experiences. 4 part series


Heart Wrenching Exposure: Scheduled My Mom's Death - Firsthand Hospital COVID Protocol Experience

Dayna says the hospital gave her a date and time they would end her mother’s life. Because her mother refused its prescribed course of treatment, the hospital essentially refused to treat her and left her to die

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