Avoiding ER Visits

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Doctors Who Treat Covid

There are several Doctors and organizations that will treat individuals as out patients, tele visits, or even in the hospitals doctors.  

American Frontline Nurses 

Are you or someone you know being subjected to harmful hospital protocols? Get help from experienced advocate nurses here.

The ER has become a scary place instead of a place to find help in a medical emergency.  Even those that break a bone or have a UTI will face Covid testing and if positive, may be confronted with the use of the drug Remdesivir and protocol.  The safest measures are at home early treatments.

The In-Home Kit We All Need

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Want to find in home treatment in one place?

I got the COVID Vaccine, now what?
I am around Vaccinated people
I had COVID or Treatments, how do I recover?

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Black Cumin Seed oil

Alternative to Ivermectin

Live Doctors Do Lie - Dr. Joel Wallach


Covid Nurse


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